Our feedback

Our feedback: reviews of an Africa travel company

Our traveller’s feedback – the reviews of their trips, and the places that they visit – are completely integral to the way we work. They are terribly important for us and great resource. They help our travellers to plan their trips; they’re helping us to keep bang up to date; and they’re eagerly read by the lodges in Africa, who love frank and constructive feedback – and appreciate that they’re guaranteed to be genuine.

You’ll find these reviews on our site in different places:

Background to our travellers’ reviews

We’ve always asked our travellers for their feedback and comments, it’s a key way for us to learn and do even better. However, prior to 2007 this had to be on hand-written paper forms. These were not easy to collate, or to pick out patterns; they were not even always easy to read!

In mid-2007 we designed an electronic feedback form for our Africa travellers; we’ve been using it since.

Whose travel reviews will we publish?

Only Expert Africa travellers are given the opportunity to send in this feedback – and only for places which we have booked for them, and they have visited. So we are 100% certain that every feedback on this site is from a paying traveller who has visited the property in question, on the dates noted, for the duration noted. These are all from our travellers – these feedback pages are not open to postings from anyone else.

To date, we have received many thousands of trip reports back – and reviews, and published all of them. None have been edited: we’ve published the good, the bad and even the indifferent. We think this is probably unique in the travel industry, and especially we wonder why other Africa travel companies don’t do the same?

Guidelines for your Africa travel reviews

Please base your comments on each part of your trip based on what you saw, felt and experienced. We hope that it’ll help us to learn more about your experience, help the places that you visited to understand more about how you felt about your trip, and help others who might be thinking of travelling to this place in the future.

Think of each part of this feedback as your review of that part of your trip. Please give each section of your trip a short, appropriate title if you can; use this to try to summarise your feelings!

Please include in your travel reviews:

Only things which you have seen and experienced for yourself, first-hand. By all means include what you thought and felt. It would be helpful for you to include:
  • Details about places that you think are important for others to know.
  • Particular things that you enjoyed, or didn’t enjoy.
  • Anyone there who was particularly good or helpful.
  • The high points of your stay.
  • Any negatives or bad points that others should know about.
  • Any problems that you experienced.
  • Things that you wish you had known about the place or service.

Please do not include in your travel reviews:

  • Any hearsay – that is second-hand information. ie: things that you might be told about, but which you haven't seen for yourself - especially things which others with first-hand knowledge might dispute.
  • Anything which is insulting, profane or libellous!
  • Any web addresses, e-mail addresses or phone numbers.
  • Any text entirely in ALL CAPS. This makes it very difficult for others to read.
  • Any HTML code.

How we use your reviews of your African travels:

You’ll find that we ask for your feedback on each place or service specifically. We’d like to use each of your comments in three ways:
  • Firstly, we’ll circulate your feedback to the relevant country-specialists in our office – so that we can learn about your experiences. This will help us to better advise our travellers in the future.
  • Secondly, if you agree (there’s a tick-box on the form), we would like to send your comments back to the relevant operations in Africa – especially the camps and lodges that you visited. They always appreciate feedback – and this helps them to know what they’re doing well, what they may be able to improve, and also about any problems that you experienced.
  • Thirdly, if you agree (there’s another tick-box!), we would like to share your experiences on our website, so that other travellers can read what you thought about your trip. We hope that this will help them to make good decisions about their own travels.
If you have any questions or queries about this, then please send us an email from our enquiry form – just select General Enquiry from the drop-down!