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COVID-19 Refund Guarantee

COVID-19 Refund Guarantee

Our Covid-19 refund guarantee for new bookings

Last updated: 2nd February 2021

In 2021, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on travel continue to be enormous. This page covers additions to our standard booking conditions to allow you to book your safari with confidence in these uncertain times.

Where these conditions refer to ‘you’, this means one or more of the people travelling on your booking with Expert Africa.

Applicable Bookings

Our Covid-19 Refund Guarantee introduces extra flexibility designed for our travellers’ peace of mind in this time of Covid – and it applies in addition to our standard Booking Conditions.

It only applies to new bookings which are both:
  1. Made on or after 27 January 2021,
  2.        and

  3. Do not include any international flights booked by Expert Africa.

Definition of a ‘Covid-19-related Issue’

For the purposes of this Covid-19 Refund Guarantee, a Covid-19-related issue is one of the following which affects you personally:
  • You have tested positive for Covid-19 within 21 days of your departure date.
  • You will be in government-mandated quarantine for Covid-19 within 7 days of your departure due to an official order (eg: in the UK by the NHS’s Track & Trace team) to self-isolate due to contact with a person who has, or may have, Covid-19.
  • Your international flights are cancelled with no reasonable alternative routing available for you to use in order to start your Expert Africa itinerary.
Or one of the following broader restrictions:
  • The government of your country of residence either bans you from travelling abroad, or issues a warning affecting your trip which advises against ‘all but essential travel’ either worldwide or covering one or more destinations on your itinerary.
  • The government of your country of residence mandates that you will have to quarantine on your return.
  • One or more of the destinations on your itinerary is under a government lockdown that prohibits travellers from visiting it.
  • One or more of the destinations on your itinerary has closed its borders to you because of your country of residence or your recent travel history.
  • One or more of the destinations on your itinerary mandates quarantine on your arrival which substantially alters your itinerary.
These broader restrictions apply to travel bans which are applicable when you are due to start the travel arrangements with us. However, Expert Africa will usually take a view of the likelihood that a trip can depart about two weeks in advance of its departure date; if there is no ‘glimmer of hope’ that the trip can be run without contravening these conditions, then we’ll give you the option to cancel it with a full refund at that point.

Our Refund Guarantee

To reassure you, we’ve supplemented our existing Booking Conditions as follows.

If you need to cancel your booking due to a Covid-19-related issue (defined above), then you may do so in writing (an email acknowledged by us is acceptable) under the following conditions:
  • You must wait until 80 days, or less, before the start of your arrangements with us before making a decision to cancel your trip under this Covid-19 Refund Guarantee.
  • If your cancellation is received between 80 days and 48 hours before the start of our arrangements, then you can choose either to defer your trip to a later date or to receive a full refund of all payments made to Expert Africa for the trip.
  • If your cancellation is received less than 48 hours before the start of your itinerary with Expert Africa, then you can defer the start date of your trip to an agreed date in the future (typically this will be 6-24 months later than the original departure date).
  • When you rebook to a later date, Expert Africa will pass on to you any price changes due to change of season, or change of year, but we promise to keep such additional costs to a minimum.
  • If, between the time of confirming your booking and 48 hours before departure, our accommodation/service providers in Africa request that we give them greater security about your booking, then Expert Africa will need to address this. In such cases, Expert Africa will contact you about the issue and offer you the choice to either:
    1. Cancel and receive a full refund of all the payments you have made to Expert Africa for the trip.
    2. Continue to hold your booking, but you will need to agree to amended terms for your Covid-19 Refund Guarantee which give those accommodation/service providers the extra security they need.
  • If you need to cancel within 80 days, then you must notify us of your need to cancel for a Covid-19 reason as early as reasonably possible. You must provide us with appropriate written official evidence of the Covid-19 reason.
All other conditions for new bookings remain as per our standard Booking Conditions.

Note that if you hold a confirmed booking, then your balance must still be paid at the correct time, 70 days before your date of travel.

Exceptional services

Note that there are a handful of lodges, camps and other services for which we cannot offer all of the terms above. If that’s the case for any element of your itinerary, then during the booking process we’ll draw your attention to this in writing.

We will check that you’re happy to accept any exceptions to these conditions before we confirm the booking for you, and if you’re not then we won’t proceed.

Changes to these Special Conditions

As conditions gradually revert toward ‘normal’, Expert Africa reserves the right to amend this Covid-19 Refund Guarantee for new bookings, or to stop offering it.

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