Special offers

Special offers for 2017

All of the prices of our Trip ideas are re-calculated based on the very latest exchange rates - so you can be sure that they're completely up to date.

That said, because we've got very good relationships with many of the lodges, hotels and resorts that we work with, sometimes we are able to secure 'special offers' and lower prices for them.

We always try to be as competitive as possible, because we know that our travellers want the best value for their money. So we'll always try to include these when we quote for your trip. If you have any queries, do ask us. We know that you won't find better-value and hence we promise that we'll match the price of any holiday which uses lodges that we feature on a like-for-like basis.

These offers change frequently, so rather than try to keep pace by constantly updated and re-priced our 'trip ideas' – we'd ask you to bear in mind that some tailor-made trips could cost even less than these 'trip ideas' on this website!