Map of Mozambique showing areas for beach holidays

This map splits the main safari areas of Mozambique into five areas – marked by the larger blue markers. Read about them by clicking on these large markers – then to see the more detailed maps of these areas follow links in the bubbles – or at the bottom of the page.

This next level of more detailed area maps mark the precise locations of various different beach lodges, camps and hotels.

Things to see on this Mozambique map

Firstly, note the scale in the bottom-left of the map: Mozambique is huge! Its coastline stretches for more than about 2,500km (1,550 miles), and hence it's no surprise that there are big difference between the busyness of the south – and the relative sleepiness of the north.

See how far north the Quirimbas Archipelago is – you'll understand why beach holidays on these islands combine best with safaris in Tanzania.

Similarly, consider how far south the Bazaruto Archipelago is – and you will understand why beach holidays on these islands combine best with safaris in Southern Africa: Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.

See how close Manda Wilderness is to Malawi, and so understand why trips to manda usually start and end in Malawi.

To dig deeper for much closer views of the various islands and beach areas, click onto any of the markers. Then follow the links inside the bubbles, for maps of these areas with precise locations for the various safari camps and lodges.

Navigating around this Mozambique map

Drag the sliding marker (over the left-side of the map) along the vertical scale to zoom the map in (+) and out (-), or click on the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons.
Move the mouse over the blue markers to see area names.
Click on the blue markers for more information on the areas.
Click on the links below for more detailed maps which show the beach hotels and lodges in each area.
Use the left-side menu at the top of this page to view other maps, or click on the links below.
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