Careers with Expert Africa

Travel specialists:

With our main office near Richmond in south-west London, and a satellite office in both Bleheim New Zealand, and Cape Town Expert Africa is a market-leading, award-winning specialist tour operator. We work with a growing base of travellers and pride ourselves on a first-class track record for African expertise and customer service.

Our small team consists of 14 well-organised individuals: team-players who are naturally honest with a high degree of integrity. Everyone works hard and together – it’s a very co-operative environment. We’re a member of the independent Sunvil group, and work within a larger, lively office.

We do not employ tour leaders or guides who work in Africa. On the contrary, we believe that our travellers will best enjoy Africa when they are guided by skilled and knowledgeable Africans – so we take pride in sending our travellers to stay at their lodges, learn from them and travel with them.

We currently have one vacancy in our London team and are looking for a candidate who has the right approach and ethos. This will be with a focus on Southern or East Africa but not South Africa, and so knowledge of those countries is a must.


Specialist Africa Travel Consultant / Senior Consultant

If you are a bright, successful Africa travel specialist, with solid experience working in the African travel field, and you’d like to up your game to work in an environment with more variety, focused on real quality, then we may have the perfect post for you.

You will already have first-hand experience of some of the areas that we feature. Detailed, up-to-date knowledge of these countries, their attractions, and especially their national parks and safari camps/hotels is valuable to us – as is competency on the Amadeus GDS system.

To be successful, you will need to be enthusiastic and intelligent, conscientious and co-operative; you will always take your duties seriously and make decisions carefully. Excellent communication skills are important, as are solid basic computer skills.

A high level of literacy is vital: you will be adept at expressing your ideas in writing, and there’s great scope for a keen writer to develop that skill and contribute to articles and guidebooks. Strong numeracy is also required. Most successful applicants will hold good degrees, but there will be literacy and numeracy tests as part of the application procedure.

An aptitude for IT and web-related issues would be a great asset, whilst an interest in photography (still and video) would be a bonus. Of course, it should be obvious that you’ll also need to demonstrate a genuine passion for Africa, probably including an interest in its wildlife, ecology and cultures.

Our team members get involved in all aspects of our business. We don’t have ‘product managers’, a ‘sales team’, or ‘admin assistants’. Instead, every member of our team takes on aspects of these roles. Everyone organises trips for travellers from start to finish; everyone gets involved with PR and marketing; everyone helps develop our programme; and everyone works creatively on our brochure and our website. If you are keen, and have the ability and aptitude, then we aim to give you the opportunity to grow.

Our flexible approach has been very successful – and provided new team members have the right approach and ethos, they can grow into roles which suit their abilities and experience.

We want you to be a real Africa expert, who can advise travellers accurately and with empathy. We try hard to promote responsible tourism and will need you to do so. You will never be asked to ‘hard sell’ anything!

Starting salary: Dependent upon ability & experience.

This position offers real opportunities for progression within Expert Africa, limited only by your own abilities, experience and motivation.

We pay at the top of the scale for our sector of the industry. All packages includes 20 days holiday per year. After you’ve been with us for two years, they also include group private health insurance, annual travel insurance and a contribution-matching pension scheme.

After about your first 6-12 months with us, you can look forward to typically having four weeks of research travel in Africa every year. This is usually made up of two 2-week trips, which will broaden your knowledge and help you to become a real Africa expert. Expert Africa funds this travel completely – usually on individual trips rather than the industry’s standard group sorties; it keeps our team amongst the most knowledgeable in the industry.


Applications procedure

If you think that this position is right for you, then please apply in writing, by post to:

Attn: Eleanor Dunkels
Expert Africa
10 & 11 Upper Sq.
Old Isleworth
TW7 7BJ.

Send a full CV stapled to a concise, handwritten letter explaining which position interests you, why you would like to join Expert Africa, and the skills and experience which you feel would specifically make you an asset to the team.

Please include an email address and phone number, and state when you would be available to start work – or what your notice period is.


Bona fide recruitment consultants are welcome to submit CVs for strong candidates. We pay a maximum of 10%. We do not sign lengthy or restrictive contracts with recruitment consultants.


Internships for students

We usually have the capacity to accept one intern in the Expert Africa team at any one time – and we focus on students who are undertaking this as part of a university course, typically a sandwich course in travel and tourism, or marketing.

These temporary posts usually last 3-6 months, and the intern normally focuses on projects under the direction of the MD. We offer a basic travel / subsistence, but otherwise these posts are unsalaried: they are strictly for volunteers.

Internships are designed to help university students to understand more about a busy travel business, and specifically marketing and the travel industry; they are not designed as a precursor to employment with us.