Careers with Expert Africa

Careers in specialist Africa travel

Based in southwest London, near Richmond, Expert Africa is a market-leading, award-winning specialist safari operator, with a growing business and an unparalleled track record for African expertise.

We employ honest, straight-talking people who are totally passionate about Africa. All new recruits to our team are based at our offices in London, although all travel extensively in Africa. Typically, this involves more than four weeks researching in Africa every year – in addition to any holiday.

We do not employ tour leaders or guides who work in Africa. On the contrary, we believe that our travellers will best enjoy Africa when they are guided by skilled and knowledgeable Africans – so we take pride in sending our travellers to stay at their lodges, learn from them and travel with them.

We are not currently advertising any specific job vacancies. When we do have one, we will post the details on this site.

Meanwhile, we always welcome ‘speculative enquiries’, and will hold the most promising on file until we have vacancies. We’d particularly encourage bright, keen graduates with love of Africa and an eye for detail who are enthusiastic, conscientious and co-operative. We fill many positions this way, so good candidates will often find this worth their while.

Speculative enquiries for a job in Africa travel

African enthusiasts who are based in London (UK) and who feel that they have something to offer us should please send in a full CV with a handwritten covering letter by post to our UK office:

Attn: Sally-Anne Follett-Smith
Expert Africa
10 & 11 Upper Sq.
Old Isleworth
TW7 7BJ.

These should include full details of your educational background, your office experience (especially in the African travel industry), and your travel experience – as well as an explanation of why you feel that Expert Africa might be the right company for you.

Please supply an email address if you’d like us to reply.

Internships in the Travel Industry with Expert Africa

We usually have the capacity to accept one or (max) two interns in the Expert Africa team at any one time. We focus mainly on students who are undertaking this as part of a university course, typically a sandwich course in marketing or travel and tourism.

These temporary posts for volunteers usually last 3-6 months, and the intern normally focuses on projects under the direction of the managing director. The posts are unsalaried but we offer a basic travel and subsistence allowance.

Expert Africa internships are designed to give interns experience of a busy specialist travel business, often with some focus on the website marketing. They are not intended as a precursor to employment with us.

If you’re interested in an internship with us, then apply up to a year in advance. Send us your CV, details of the dates when you would like to be an intern, brief details of your course (if you are currently doing one), and tell us why you’d like to join us. Include your phone number and email, and we’ll reply directly to you.