A holiday map of the Seychelles islands

This a sketch map of the Seychelles islands for holiday planning shows the main islands – also the airport and capital of Victoria.

Click here for an interactive Google map of the Seychelles with the islands marked on it.
Map of Desroches IslandMap of North IslandMap of Mahe IslandMap of Bird IslandMap of Denis IslandMap of La Digue IslandMap of Praslin IslandMap of Fregate Island

Island-by-Island Seychelles maps

Our island-by-island maps of the Seychelles pinpoint the island layout very precisely, on detailed, zoom-able satellite images. They include:
This map of the Seychelles is an original. It has been commissioned by and drawn up for Expert Africa. It is our copyright (2013). It must not be copied or reproduced without our written permission. If you wish to use it, please contact us. We generally look favourably on requests for educational or charity use, provided that clear acknowledgements and credits are given.
To deter unauthorised use, the map has been digitally watermarked and can be traced.
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