Seychelles information

Surfing in the Seychelles

Despite the numerous coastlines found around these beautiful islands, the Seychelles do not immediately come to mind when looking for surfing hotspots. However, the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and stunning coastal scenery make these relatively undiscovered waves a great place for keen longboard and shortboard surfers to test out their skills.

The monsoon climate means that the best places to surf around the Seychelles vary with the seasons.

Surfing during the north-west monsoon season

The Seychelles is usually under the influence of north-west monsoon winds during October, November and December. At this time the best places to find good waves are:

Praslin Island

  • Anse Lazio
    The closest hotels to this surf spot are La Reserve, Paradise Sun and Hotel L'Archipel. There are offshore breaks at this beach.

  • Surfing during the south-east monsoon season

    During April, May, June and July the prevailing monsoon winds are from the south-east, and this means the best surf areas in the Seychelles are:

    Mahe Island

  • Grand Anse Beach
    This is a good surf spot; however there are very strong currents so you must be a good swimmer. The left hand beach in front of the large 'Le Meridien Barbarons' hotel is a good spot – if you want to stay near here, then try Le Jardin des Palmes .

  • Intendance Beach
    The closest hotel is Banyan Tree. The shore breaks along this stretch make it a better option for less experienced surfers.

  • Anse Gaulette
  • The closest hotel is Banyan Tree. There are offshore breaks along this beach.

  • Roche Copra & Plantation Club Beach
    There are also offshore breaks along this beach.

  • Anse Forbans
    The chalets of Chalets D'Anse Forbans are right beside this beach, which is long and generally very quiet.

  • Quarry close to the airport
    The closest hotels are Banyan Tree in the south or The Wharf & Marina close to Victoria where you will need to swim or paddle from the beach.

  • Anse Poules Bleu
    The closest hotel is Banyan Tree.

  • Soleil D'Or, Carana Beach, Bel Ombre
    The closest hotel is Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove. There are offshore breaks along this coast.

  • La Digue Island

  • Grand Anse Beach, Petit Anse Beach, Anse Coco
    The closest hotel is La Digue Island Lodge. There are offshore breaks on these beaches.

  • Anse Patate
    This isn't a large beach, but it's a 5-minute cycle from Domaine de l'Orangeraie and surfers talk about the offshore breaks found at this beach.

  • Praslin Island

  • Anse Kerlan
    The closest hotel is Lemuria Resort. There are offshore breaks on this beach.
  • Good surf spots throughout the year:

    The following areas are good surf spots during both monsoon seasons – and worth trying between the monsoons, during August and September – and around January, February and March.

    Silhouette Island

  • Anse Lascars
    There is only one large hotel on this island: Labriz. Here you can find big clean waves up to 6ft which can be dangerous so is much better suited to experienced surfers. Also just in front of the chalets you can find a good area where there are offshore breakers at high tide.