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Subsistence and deep sea fishing are popular activities along coast

Sustainable tourism is practiced by many of the remote coastal resorts

Travelling by boat has long been a means of transport for local coastal tribes

Visit Ibo Island and explore the old Portuguese settlement

Marine habitats along the approx. 2700km coastline hosts many migratory mammals


Mozambique holidays

A totally tropical palette has painted the impossibly blue seas and kaleidoscopic coral reefs that surround Mozambique’s sensational island lodges.


Blessed with a palm-fringed, Indian Ocean coastline and idyllic archipelagos of tropical islands, Mozambique is home to many of Africa’s finest beach retreats and marine parks. Secluded beaches with sand so fine that it squeaks underfoot; pristine deltas shaded in every hue of blue and green; mangrove forests lapped by warm ocean waves and cool freshwater lagoons – such is the incredible natural beauty here.

At Expert Africa, our trips to Mozambique concentrate exclusively on exceptional aquatic experiences: kayaking, sailing, swimming, scuba diving…and simply relaxing by the sea.

The most spectacular jewels in Mozambique's marine crown rest in its Cabo Delgado Province, in the country’s northernmost reaches. Here, a beautiful chain of lush islands, coralline outcrops and gorgeous sand-bar beaches form the Quirimbas Archipelago. The largely unexplored marine environment is pristine, with phenomenal fish and mammal sightings, making this marine national park a stunning scuba stop, for novice and experienced divers alike. Snorkel straight from the beach into shallow reefs teeming with neon-bright clownfish, angelfish, Moorish idols and lionfish; dive drop-offs harbouring rays, sharks and turtles, and venture to the rich waters of the deep Mozambique Channel to see magnificent whalesharks, dolphins and spectacular game-fish.

Atop the water, sail by traditional dhow through the Quirimbus National Park to quiet Ibo Island. Nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can wander around the faded colonial buildings of this once prosperous, Portuguese trading post, buy intricate filigree jewellery from artisan silversmiths, climb the old fort battlements and see the rusted canons that once protected this strategically important island.

To the far south, Mozambique's Bazaruto Archipelago sits inside a second impressive marine park. This chain of four large islands: Bazaruto, Benguerra, Santa Isobel and Santa Carolina feel quite different to their northern counterparts. Here, the islands are formed of pale, sloping sands that dip gently into truly aquamarine waters. Beautiful lodges, with incredible panoramic ocean vistas, nestle under the shade of wild orange and cashew trees. Halcyon days are spent swimming, relishing gourmet picnics on desert islands, sailing dhows in search of humpback whales, sipping cocktails with spellbinding sunsets and enjoying barefoot candlelit dinners on the sand. The marine park here, as in the north, is pristine, with impressive coral walls to dive and seagrass beds to search in the hope of spotting rare dugongs.

Mozambique really is the epitome of picture-perfect beach holidays: solitude and luxury in simply Elysian surroundings.

Mozambique: in depth report

Our top beach holidays in Mozambique

Here are 3 great Mozambique holidays to inspire you.


Azura Beach Holiday

6 days • 1 location • 1 country

Stay in a stunning location on the western coastline of Benguerra Island. Elegant accommodation, a highly personalised level of care and a wide range of land and water-based activities make Azura a fantastic destination for travellers.

Visiting Bazaruto Archipelago

US$4,690 - US$5,720 per person

Read more about the Azura Beach Holiday


Anantara Beach Holiday

6 days • 1 location • 1 country

Enjoy a range of land and water-based activities from Anantara Bazaruto Beach Resort and Spa. A great destination for families, it offers something to keep all ages entertained as well as ample opportunity for utter relaxation.

Visiting Bazaruto Archipelago

US$2,670 - US$5,660 per person

Read more about the Anantara Beach Holiday


Benguerra Beach Holiday

6 days • 1 location • 1 country

This luxurious lodge offers a fantastic blend of total relaxation and more active pursuits. Explore your idyllic surroundings with a range of land and water-based activities before unwinding with a massage and sundowner drinks on the beach.

Visiting Bazaruto Archipelago

US$5,260 - US$6,300 per person

Read more about the Benguerra Beach Holiday

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Maps of Mozambique

Explore the best areas for a beach holiday in Mozambique

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Our travellers' 10 most recent Mozambique reviews

All are published in full; none have been edited.
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78 reviews since August 2007
Dr. FW from Saffron W - UK

Arrived 1 Oct 2022, 7 nights

"My Oct 2022 trip"

"a second wonderful trip... thank you for organising …" Read Dr. FW’s full holiday review

Overall rating: Excellent

Mr & Mrs B from Epsom

Arrived 8 Sep 2022, 16 nights

"My Sep 2022 trip"

"great trip, exceeding our requests and expectations...Excellent in every respect …" Read Mr & Mrs B’s full holiday review

Overall rating: Excellent

Mrs C. from Wem

Arrived 5 May 2022, 15 nights

"My May 2022 trip"

Overall rating: Excellent

safari lovers from UK

Arrived 26 Jan 2022, 27 nights

"Escaping the UK Winter, embracing PCR tests to visit"

"... the support, backing and knowledge of...Expert Africa was very important. …" Read safari lovers’s full holiday review

Overall rating: Excellent

EvolvingPatient from UK

Arrived 12 Nov 2019, 14 nights

"Great trip"

"Enjoyed every aspect of the safari and beach. …" Read EvolvingPatient’s full holiday review

Overall rating: Excellent

Dr. FW from Saffron W - UK

Arrived 8 Nov 2019, 8 nights


"Outstanding - a week in Paradise! …" Read Dr. FW’s full holiday review

Overall rating: Excellent

Mrs JD from W London

Arrived 19 Sep 2019, 23 nights

"My Sep 2019 trip"

"Well done Amanda. A wonderful trip, very efficiently organised …" Read Mrs JD’s full holiday review

Overall rating: Excellent

Pandc from Evesham

Arrived 23 Aug 2019, 17 nights

"Fantastic trip despite the airlines!"

"Fantastic trip despite the airlines! …" Read Pandc’s full holiday review

Overall rating: Excellent

TheOldGeezer from Stafford

Arrived 22 Aug 2019, 18 nights

"25th Anniversary & Trip of a Lifetime. "

"A fantastic Holiday to a part of the World that we wouldn't ordinarily consider …" Read TheOldGeezer’s full holiday review

Overall rating: Excellent

Mr M & Ms T from Ongar

Arrived 31 May 2019, 12 nights

"My May 2019 trip"

"We enjoyed the whole trip very much..very friendly people …" Read Mr M & Ms T’s full holiday review

Overall rating: Excellent

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When to go to Mozambique

Our month-by-month guide to the best time for visiting Mozambique













Mozambique in January

January is one of the wettest, hottest and most humid months in Mozambique, with average daytime temperatures reaching the low 30s °C, dropping only to around 24°C at night. Although the rain falls mostly as tropical downpours in late afternoon/evening, with the rest of the time sunny, there are definitely better times to visit.

Diving is generally good, but visibility can be limited. Dolphins are abundant, but humpback whales have moved out and this is the last month with a reasonable chance of spotting whale sharks and manta rays. On beaches, turtles lay their eggs and by the end of the month some are beginning to hatch.

After the busy Christmas/New Year period lodges are almost empty, so it’s a good time to avoid the “crowds”.

  • One of the wettest & hottest months, with high humidity
  • Diving is fair but visibility can be poor
  • Great for dolphin viewing
  • Turtles laying eggs, which begin to hatch by end of month
  • The low season so lodges much quieter, but for a reason

Our view

A time to avoid if possible

Weather in January

Mozambique in February

The hot, wet weather continues, with rainfall at its peak in February in the south, and temperatures as high as those experienced in January; this is also the start of the cyclone season. Such storms are relatively rare but when they do occur they bring widespread devastation and disruption. Although the sea is wonderfully warm, beaches can be pretty windy and diving at this time of the year can be more challenging, with choppier waters and sometimes pretty poor visibility.

As such, lodges tend to have good availability. The chances of seeing manta rays and whale sharks are minimal now, but turtles are still laying eggs followed by hatchlings making a dash for the ocean.

  • Rain & hot weather peaks, as does the humidity
  • Start of the cyclone season
  • Diving conditions can be more challenging
  • Great month for turtle watching
  • Warm seas

Our view

A time to avoid if possible

Weather in February

Mozambique in March

Rainfall is still high, peaking in the north – where it continues for longer than in the south – and the threat of tropical cyclones remains (2019 saw Idai wreak havoc). Temperatures fall ever so slightly but it’s still hot, with daily temperatures averaging 30°C and nights around 23°C. It’s still pretty humid but this begins to drop away towards the end of the month when the weather generally starts to improve.

Diving, as in previous months, can be OK with warm seas, but conditions are unpredictable, and visibility is still only fair. Of the key marine species, only dolphins are now regularly seen and the last of the turtle hatchlings make for the sea. Availability is usually good, but when Easter falls in March, lodges can get booked up early.

  • Rainfall eases but still a chance of significant downpours
  • Cyclones remain a threat
  • Diving is reasonable, but visibility can be hit and miss
  • Turtle spotting excellent
  • Although low season, Easter can get booked up quickly

Our view

This is not a great time to visit

Weather in March

Mozambique in April

Although rain still lingers in the north, the rainy season in the south draws to an end. Temperatures are still high but as the rain peters out, humidity drops considerably and so it feels much more comfortable. There is still a small risk of tropical cyclones (as in 2019, when cyclone Kenneth hit), but these are usually extremely rare.

Diving conditions improve with increased visibility and the sea is still warm, so April can be a lovely month for diving or a beach holiday. It is also excellent for fishing, with most of the game fish species being present. Lodges begin to see more visitors and can get especially busy over Easter.

  • Rainy season comes to an end in the south
  • Good weather for a beach holiday sets in
  • Diving, improves with increased visibility & warm seas
  • Excellent fishing conditions
  • Visitor numbers begin to increase, especially around Easter

Our view

A good time to visit, with pros & cons

Weather in April

Mozambique in May

As the rains cease in the north, May marks the start of the dry season across Mozambique (although the odd freak cyclone has been known to make landfall, this is exceptional). The days are warm and sunny, with low humidity and temperatures around 27°C, while evenings start to cool to around 16°C. It’s a really good month to visit coastal areas and as such the lodges get a bit busier and prices start to rise.

Diving continues to improve with good visibility and calm waters, and the excellent game fishing conditions continue. Lastly, Mozambique’s biggest international music festival, Azgo, takes place in Maputo during May.

  • Start of the dry season: virtually no rainfall & humidity drops
  • Diving continues to improve with good visibility & calm seas
  • Excellent fishing conditions continue
  • Azgo international music festival in Maputo
  • Lodges get busier & prices increase

Our view

A very good time to visit

Weather in May

Mozambique in June

Good weather continues with pleasantly warm days, clear skies and a bit of a breeze – ideal for a relaxing beach holiday. Diving conditions are near perfect with good visibility, though note that sea temperatures are dropping by a couple of degrees. Southern right whales start appearing along the coastline. The excellent deep-sea fishing continues. On Ibo Island in the Quirimbas Archipelago, 24 June sees the Feast of St John the Baptist – celebrated as Kueto Siriwala (“to not forget your roots”) day. Expect dhow races as well as traditional music and dance.

Lodges are getting busier and with Mozambique’s month-long summer holiday beginning in late June, it’s advisable to book well in advance. This is one of the best months and prices increase, reflecting the move into this peak season.

  • Weather now very good
  • Southern right whales start appearing along the coast
  • Diving conditions are superb
  • Kueto Siriwala festival on Ibo
  • Lodges getting busier & therefore prices higher

Our view

Fantastic: the very best time to visit

Weather in June

Mozambique in July

The dry season is now in full swing so clear blue skies abound. Warm, sunny days and cool evenings continue, with average temperatures between 25°C during the day and 16°C at night. July is definitely one of the best months to visit the Mozambique coast, though beaches can be a little windy. Humpback whales begin making their long annual migration from Antarctica to the warmer waters off East Africa to calve; if you’re lucky you may get to see them, especially at the end of the month.

Diving and snorkelling conditions are reaching optimum levels with generally excellent visibility, though the water is now chilly by Mozambique standards. Fishing is still very good for most game species. Lodges are filling up due to northern hemisphere school holidays.

  • Warm sunny days & cool evenings
  • Diving conditions now almost perfect
  • Humpback whales begin arriving
  • Fishing still very good
  • School holiday time, so lodges are filling up

Our view

Fantastic: the very best time to visit

Weather in July

Mozambique in August

As in July, the days are lovely and warm – great for lying on a beach, though there’s a slight chill to the evenings and the sea is at its coolest at around 16°C. This is one of the best times to visit Mozambique, and is a great month for diving as visibility now reaches its peak, but it can be a bit windy. Humpback whale numbers are increasing, and manta rays and whale sharks start to appear, though are not a common sighting.

Fishing drops off a bit but some species such as sailfish and queen mackerel are still taking bait. August is very popular – probably the busiest month – so lodges can be quite full and family-friendly resorts will have more children around.

  • Days still nice & warm with cooler, but pleasant evenings
  • Optimal diving conditions.
  • Whales numbers increase; the odd manta ray & whale shark may be seen
  • Fishing starts to tail off a little
  • Lodges at high occupancy levels, so can be busy

Our view

Fantastic: the very best time to visit

Weather in August

Mozambique in September

In September, temperatures begin to climb and warm, sunny days continue, although evenings are still cooler (averaging around 28°C in the day and 19°C at night); this is historically the driest month in Mozambique. Whale watching is getting even better as numbers increase and, as in August, diving and snorkelling conditions are excellent with great visibility.

Sightings of whale sharks and manta rays begin to increase, and while dolphins are seen throughout the year, September is the start of the best dolphin-viewing period. The fishing is good with marlin, sailfish and kingfish all possibilities. Although the school holidays have ended it is still high season and still a popular month – it’s our favourite month here.

  • Arguably our favourite month
  • Temperatures start rising – the weather is beautiful
  • Superb diving & snorkelling conditions continue
  • Sightings of whale sharks & mantas rays pick up
  • Great for dolphin viewing & whales still present in good numbers

Our view

Fantastic: the very best time to visit

Weather in September

Mozambique in October

October is the hottest of the dry months with daytime temperatures peaking at around 30°C and evenings feeling balmy at around 20°C. With the heat building, the rains can begin right at the end of the month. The fishing is very good, especially for the bigger game fish like marlin.

October is also considered the best month for whale watching, and one of the best for dolphins, which are present in good numbers. The chances of seeing whale sharks and manta rays also increase as the seas warm up; this, and the next two months, are best for sightings. Like August and September, October is also excellent for diving and snorkelling, with superb visibility, thus it’s another popular month, and carries peak season prices.

  • Hottest of the dry months
  • Excellent whale & dolphin watching
  • Chances of seeing whale sharks & mantas increase
  • Diving conditions remain excellent
  • Fishing for certain game fish species is very good

Our view

A very good time to visit

Weather in October

Mozambique in November

As the dry season ends and the wet season starts, the weather becomes a lot more unpredictable. Days are very hot with humidity increasing, though rainfall is still fairly low. November heralds the return of turtles coming ashore to nest and lay their eggs. With visibility still pretty clear, diving and snorkelling conditions remain good. There is still a decent chance of seeing humpback whales before they begin heading off towards the end of the month, whilst sightings of whale sharks and manta rays remain good, and dolphin sightings excellent.

Fishing for certain species, especially kingfish and marlin, remains excellent. It’s no longer high season so prices of some lodges come down.

  • Days hot but weather becomes a somewhat unpredictable
  • Diving still good
  • Start of the turtle-nesting season; humpback whales begin to leave
  • Good month for dolphins, whale sharks & mantas
  • Lodge prices starting to come down

Our view

A good time to visit, with pros & cons

Weather in November

Mozambique in December

Days are still hot, with rising humidity making it feel a lot stickier. Average daytime temperatures hit 31°C+, with evenings around 23°C. December is one of the rainiest months, but expect short sharp thunderstorms as opposed to lengthy rainfall. The turtle-nesting season is now in full swing, so seeing females laying their eggs becomes a possibility. As humpback whales head back south, sightings become scarce, but dolphins, whale sharks and manta rays are still present in good numbers.

Fishing for marlin, bonito and kingfish is still excellent. Sea visibility is generally good, but it can become a little hit and miss as the sun and warm seas encourage plankton blooms. Christmas and New Year are very popular periods despite invariably carrying price supplements.

  • Days are hot & a lot more humid
  • Turtles laying their eggs on beaches
  • Whale season is now largely over
  • Dolphins, whale sharks & mantas are still present
  • Christmas & New Year get booked up early, & cost more

Our view

A good time to visit, with pros & cons

Weather in December

Mozambique fact file

Useful information to help you prepare for your trip in Mozambique


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