Map of Namibia's main holiday and safari areas

This map splits Namibia into 13 holiday and safari areas. Read more about each one by clicking the blue markers. More detailed maps of the individual areas show where there are different safari camps and lodges are; to see these, follow links in the bubbles – or at the bottom of the page.

Things to see on this Namibia map

Namibia is a vast country – and its low rainfall means that much of its geology is amazingly visible. Zoom into the areas and then the lodges on our maps for some really amazing views of what the country is really like!

At this scale – note the apricot-orange in the south-west of the country: it's the Namib Desert. Then double-click a few times on them to zoom in closer – and see the amazing patterns of the dunes themselves. Move to the north-east of this dune area, and see the inroads that the Tsondab and Tsauchab have made into the dunes. Look at the sharp, curved northern edge of the desert – where the Kuiseb River halts the march of the dunes northwards.

Double-click anywhere near the 'Etosha National Park' marker to see a little closer, and immediately spot the huge saltpan at the heart of Etosha.

Click onto any of the markers, and follow the links in the bubbles, for maps of these areas with precise locations for the various safari camps and lodges.

Navigating around this Botswana map

Drag the sliding marker (over the left-side of the map) along the vertical scale to zoom the map in (+) and out (-), or click on the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons.
Move the mouse over the blue markers to see area names.
Click on the blue markers for more information on the areas.
Click on the links below for more detailed maps which show the safari camps and lodges in each area.

Use the left-side menu at the top of this page to view more detailed maps of areas within Namibia, or click on the links below.
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