Wildlife safaris in Namibia

Top places for wildlife safaris in Namibia

Wildlife safaris in Namibia can be outstanding. The country has Africa's highest cheetah population, good numbers of leopards, plenty of black rhino and many endemic species. The stunning scenery makes a fantastic backdrop for wildlife safaris and as travel is easy in Namibia, the country is particularly suited for self-drive trips.

Some would say the best wildlife safaris in Namibia are in Etosha National Park. It is undoubtedly one of the best wildlife safari destinations in Africa, especially for big game. Around the numerous waterholes huge herds of lion, elephant, zebra and antelope as well as leopard, cheetah and black and white rhino can be seen amidst some of Africa's most startling and photogenic safari scenery.

Others might recommend the vast wilderness areas in the northwest for the best wildlife safaris in Namibia. Tracking desert-adapted wildlife like the rare black rhino or desert elephants is among the highlights of wildlife safaris here.

Others again are convinced that it is private guest farms like Okonjima, where you will experience the best wildlife safari in Namibia. Here, your chances of leopard and cheetah sightings are particularly good.

Top 23 wildlife safaris in Namibia