Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

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Opened in August 2014, the Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is a beautiful camp in a very remote location. Built close to the Hoanib River, in northern Damaraland, it is surrounded by gravel plains, mountains and large yellow sand dunes. Although it's not actually on the coast, the camp is situated in a private concession area (similar to a reserve), which straddles the Palmwag area and Skeleton Coast National Park. Consequently this camp is viewed by name as a successor to the Skeleton Coast Camp, which closed a number of years ago.

Our view of Hoanib Camp

Hoanib isn’t for the budget conscious; however, we think that the truly remote location and unique experience that you get here makes it is worth the money (and not the stylish camp itself). The allure of the Skeleton Coast will draw you here but there are many different facets to staying at Hoanib that make for a truly fascinating visit. Tracking desert-adapted elephant (but don’t come expecting a parade of animals – this is a tough environment to eek out an existence in!) and spending time in the Skeleton Coast National Park are amongst the highlights.

Hoanib Camp: Traveller ratings

Excellent(100%) From 15 travellers

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