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Where to see Elephant in Namibia

By far the biggest of the so-called Big Five – indeed, the largest land animal on the planet – the elephant shapes the very landscape it inhabits and is a defining presence on any safari.

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Quick facts about Elephant

Scientific name: Loxodonta africana Habitat: Woodland and savanna
IUCN status: Vulnerable Adult weight: 2,500–6,500kg

The elephant familiar to most safari-goers is, technically speaking, the African bush elephant, a distinct species from the smaller African forest elephant (L. cyclotis). This enormous animal is extraordinary in every respect: its tusks, enlarged front teeth, serve for feeding and fighting; its trunk, an elongated nose, can tear down a branch or pick up a bean; and its huge ears are cooling vanes that circulate the body’s blood supply.

Matriarchal herds of females and young centre on a dominant female; mature males form smaller bachelor herds. Elephants communicate over huge distances using infrasound, and co-operate in finding food and water.

They are the engineers of the landscape, creating waterholes and opening up savannahs, although confined populations can be destructive.


Muscles in trunk


Record tusk length

22 months

Gestation period


Weight of brain

The top camps for seeing elephant in Namibia

Based on 685 reports by our travellers since May 2018, visitors at these camps in Namibia have the best chances of sighting elephant.

Best chances to see

Good chances to see

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Top 10 camps for elephant

% of travellers who saw elephant

Top 10 camps for elephant

% of travellers who saw elephant

Where to see elephants in Africa

African bush elephants occur in 37 countries, with today’s largest populations found in Tanzania, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Visit waterholes during the dry season to see the most action.

Top tips for viewing elephants

The more you watch elephants, the more enthralling they become, whether it’s an individual quietly feeding or a boisterous herd interacting at a waterhole.

Especially impressive gatherings occur in Chobe and Moremi (Botswana) and Hwange (Zimbabwe). Other excellent locations include Amboseli and Samburu (Kenya), Tarangire, Ruahaand Serengeti (Tanzania), Etosha (Namibia), and the Luangwaand Zambezi valleys (Zambia).

Elephants habituated to vehicles generally allow a close approach. However, always be alert to signs of agitation, such as a raised trunk or flapping ears. Cows with young should always be allowed plenty of space. Watching elephants from a boat offers a different perspective – as does a guided walk in elephant country, where observing their tracks, droppings and feeding signs can be as exciting as finding the animals themselves.


Our best Namibia holidays for elephant sightings

Based on our travellers' reports, these ideas for Namibia safaris are likely to give the best elephant sightings

Itinerary image

Rock Hare Self-drive Safari

20 days • 12 locations

An in-depth look at Namibia from the Namib Desert to the Caprivi, with additional stops in Botswana and Victoria Falls. This three-week adventure includes an unrivalled mix of environments and is great value.

US$5,300 - US$7,530 per person

Itinerary image

Pygmy Mouse Self-drive Safari

18 days • 10 locations

A truly epic southern African self-drive safari adventure from Namibia’s mountains and deserts, along the lush Caprivi Strip to Botswana and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, staying at luxury lodges throughout.

US$6,240 - US$10,490 per person

Itinerary image

Hartebeest Self-drive Safari

16 days • 8 locations

This self-drive safari focuses on the best cultural experiences in Namibia. Visit a Himba village and enjoy three days living with the San Bushmen interspersed with some excellent wildlife watching.

US$3,590 - US$4,400 per person

Itinerary image

Dune Lark Fly & Drive Safari

14 days • 8 locations

A combination fly-in self-drive exploration of Namibia, with quick, easy and scenic flights in and out of Sossusvlei before a classic road trip adventure of the country’s rugged north.

US$4,790 - US$5,870 per person

Itinerary image

Cape Fox Guided Safari

13 days • 7 locations

A classic clockwise circuit around Namibia’s northern highlights with a private guide and vehicle. We can’t think of a better way to see more in this timeframe.

US$8,550 - US$10,890 per person

Itinerary image

Sable Self-drive Safari

12 days • 7 locations

A great-value southern African self-drive adventure from Namibia along the Caprivi Strip to Botswana and Zimbabwe, combining other-worldly landscapes, unforgettable wildlife spectacles and rarely visited places, and ending at Victoria Falls.

US$6,200 - US$8,360 per person

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More information about elephant in our other destinations

Click here for detailed information about elephant in other countries, including the places for sighting elephant.

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