Okonjima Bush Camp

Okonjima Bush Camp

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The rolling hills and grassy plains of the Okonjima Nature Reserve, just south of Otjiwarongo, are home to Okonjima Bush Camp. The 220km2 reserve is also the base for the AfriCat Foundation, a non-profit organisation set up to conserve and protect Namibia's threatened cheetah, leopard and other wild carnivores. From this small camp, guests are invited to learn about Namibia's big cats, with excellent opportunities to view them at close quarters. STOP PRESS: The Okonjima Nature Reserve will no longer act as a release site for former captive cheetahs, therefore cheetah tracking will no longer be offered as an activity. Please see the activities section below, for more information on this as well as the other activities on offer.

Our view of Okonjima Bush Camp

Okonjima Bush Camp’s small size, as well as the generally high standards of care, attentive service and delicious food, create a very comfortable and exclusive-feeling environment. Over many visits, the camp’s knowledgeable guides have also made it highly memorable. We've returned home with a wealth of information about Namibia's carnivores, and some fantastic photographs of leopard and cheetah in particular.

Okonjima Bush Camp: Traveller ratings

Excellent(97%) From 219 travellers

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This video shows Okonjima Bush Camp, Okonjima Villa and Okonjima Bush Suite.

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