Honeymoons in Namibia

Best camps and lodges for honeymoons in Namibia

A honeymoon in Namibia can be stunning - just imagine sleeping under the sparkling stars, whilst the Namib's red desert dunes and the Naukluft Mountains isolate you from the outside world! Many camps have lovely honeymoon suites, often set in tranquil spots away from the rest of the camp, to ensure maximum privacy. Namibia offers a romantic Africa honeymoon, in picture perfect scenery.

We would often recommend honeymooning during Namibia's dry season, which is from late May to November. However, substantial parts of Namibia are covered by the Namib desert and other adjacent deserts, and in these areas rainfall is exceedingly low year-round. In the areas where rainfall is more common, it is usually localised and fairly short lived, in comparison to some of its neighbouring countries.

Our 18 favourite places for honeymoons in Namibia