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Where to see Eland in Namibia

The eland is Africa’s biggest antelope and looms large in the continent’s culture, from prehistoric rock art to modern game farms. Though widespread, it is shy, with sightings seldom a given.

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Quick facts about Eland

Scientific name: Taurotragus oryx Habitat: Open savanna & grasslands
IUCN status: Least concern Adult weight: 340–940kg

The massive, tan-coloured, common eland is related to kudus and other spiral-horned antelope species. Both sexes have a signature square profile – accentuated in the bull by a large dewlap – and straight horns that are longer and narrower in the female. The ox-like males are twice the weight of females, sometimes reaching buffalo size.

Herds, sometimes of several hundred, wander widely in search of food. Inhabiting open country, from arid bush to montane grassland, eland graze during the rainy season but may switch to browsing during the drier winter months. Though relatively slow-moving, they can leap impressive heights. Females produce a single calf after a nine-month gestation. Today eland are farmed in some areas for meat and milk.


Max shoulder height of bull


Jump height

15–20 years

Life expectancy

7 litres

Daily milk production

The top camps for seeing eland in Namibia

Based on 337 reports by our travellers since May 2018, visitors at these camps in Namibia have the best chances of sighting eland.

Best chances to see

Good chances to see

Some sightings

No sightings yet

Top 10 camps for eland

% of travellers who saw eland

Top 10 camps for eland

% of travellers who saw eland

Where to see eland in Africa

Look out for elands in open terrain in any major conservation area across southern and eastern Africa, including mountainous ones. But be prepared to enjoy these shy animals from a distance.

Top tips for viewing eland

Ancient rock art across much of Africa attests to the eland’s former significance as both spiritual totem and food source. Today the species remains widespread, occurring from South Sudan to South Africa’s Cape, but numbers are much reduced, with a total population estimated at 136,000.

Eland are plentiful in the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem and central Botswana, but can nonetheless be elusive. Reliable spots for sightings include Mana Pools(Zimbabwe), Etosha (Namibia) and the Nyika Plateau (Malawi). The species has also been introduced to many private game ranches in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Wary of humans, whether on foot or on wheels, elands are most active at dawn and dusk. Listen out for the tell-tale click of their hooves when they approach a waterhole.


Our best Namibia holidays for eland sightings

Based on our travellers' reports, these ideas for Namibia safaris are likely to give the best eland sightings

Itinerary image

Cape Fox Guided Safari

13 days • 7 locations

A classic clockwise circuit around Namibia’s northern highlights with a private guide and vehicle. We can’t think of a better way to see more in this timeframe.

US$8,380 - US$10,680 per person

Itinerary image

Pygmy Mouse Self-drive Safari

18 days • 10 locations

A truly epic southern African self-drive safari adventure from Namibia’s mountains and deserts, along the lush Caprivi Strip to Botswana and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, staying at luxury lodges throughout.

US$6,170 - US$10,400 per person

Itinerary image

Namaqua Chameleon Self-drive

12 days • 7 locations

A classic 12-night self-drive adventure around the highlights of eastern and northern Namibia taking in Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Damaraland, Etosha and a final stop at Okonjima. Comfortable lodges and great value.

US$2,860 - US$4,570 per person

Itinerary image

Chongololo Self-drive Safari

21 days • 11 locations

This self-drive safari focuses on the best walking experiences in Namibia. Get your boots ready for the apricot dunes of the Namib Desert and the ancient hills of Damaraland.

US$7,350 - US$9,890 per person

Itinerary image

Hartebeest Self-drive Safari

16 days • 8 locations

This self-drive safari focuses on the best cultural experiences in Namibia. Visit a Himba village and enjoy three days living with the San Bushmen interspersed with some excellent wildlife watching.

US$3,520 - US$4,310 per person

Itinerary image

Great Egret Safari

12 days • 4 locations

A wonderfully varied adventure to Botswana and Zimbabwe combining three fantastic safari areas, a luxury river cruise and the mighty Victoria Falls.

US$9,250 - US$17,150 per person

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