Honeymoons in Zanzibar

The best lodges & hotels for a Zanzibar honeymoon

A honeymoon to Zanzibar is perfect for a romantic beach break and a relaxing getaway. Most lodges are perfect for celebrating such a special occasion, with luxurious seafront honeymoon suites, private stretches of white sandy beach, and thoughtful staff. To combine some luxury with adventure, why not add a few nights on Zanzibar on to the end of your Africa safari honeymoon.

The better times to visit are in January and February and from June to November, in these months you can generally expect for warm weather and blue skies, but also be prepared for the odd rain shower here and there. In other months it can rain frequently and also become very humid, so we wouldn't normally recommend honeymooning during this period.

The list below shows our favourite places for honeymoons and romantic beach breaks on Zanzibar, in both Stonetown and on the beach. For a more detailed description, click on the thumbnail pictures or on the lodges' names.

Our 15 favourite lodges for Zanzibar honeymoons