Mnemba Island Lodge

Mnemba Island Lodge

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Excellent (96%) From 10 reviews
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21 May to 7 April

The term 'barefoot luxury' might have been coined for Mnemba, a formerly uninhabited island just 2.5km off the north-east coast of Zanzibar. Ringed by a mile (1.6km) of soft, powder-white coral sand, where turtles come to nest, this 12-hectare (30-acre) private island has at its heart a tropical forest that is home to nothing more dangerous than butterflies and cute suni antelope. Offshore, the island is surrounded by the Mnemba Island Marine Conservation Area, whose coral reefs offer some of the best snorkelling and diving in Tanzania.

Our view of Mnemba Island Lodge

There's nowhere we know that's quite like Mnemba. There are very few places in East Africa where you can enjoy your own private island, with such stunning beaches and pristine marine life (although access to the reef is not limited to island guests). The service is exceptional, the food exquisite and everything runs like clockwork. It’s not cheap, but with lots of space, first-rate food and service, and one of the best beach locations in Africa, it is very good. If you're looking for a top-end destination for a super beach holiday in an exclusive setting, then it would be hard to beat.

Mnemba Island Lodge: Traveller ratings

Excellent(96%) From 10 travellers

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Stunning aerial views of Mnemba Island - east coast Zanzibar.
Short video about the location and area of Mnemba Island Lodge.

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