Matemwe Lodge

Matemwe Lodge

12 cottages
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Good (88%) From 31 reviews
1 June to 31 March

Matemwe Lodge (formerly Matemwe Bungalows) has always been a long-standing favourite with our travellers - read the recent feedback for an unbiased review. It’s situated on the northern edge of Matemwe village, and has a lovely position on a small outcrop of coral rock. The newly landscaped gardens are dotted with frangipani and bougainvillea trees giving them a lush tropical feel with plenty of colour. The husband and wife managing team have a keen eye for detail - and when we were last there in November 2013 they told us of the many things they had planned to improve the quality of Matemwe. This included sending staff on wine tasting courses and extending the drinks menu. That said the food and service is already very good here!

Our view of Matemwe Lodge

Matemwe Lodge - or, as it's still often known, Matemwe Bungalows - is a relaxed and friendly beach lodge which offers good service and a great atmosphere. We are delighted with the management team who are constantly looking for even more ways they can improve. For a much more exclusive experience in a more palatial accommodation – and the services of very handy personal butler – consider the neighboring sister-lodge of Matemwe Bungalows: the fantastic and exclusive Matemwe Retreat.

Rooms at Matemwe Lodge

Stone bungalow

Matemwe Lodge: Traveller ratings

Good(88%) From 31 travellers

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Matemwe Lodge review
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