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Jessica Plumb

Jessica Plumb - Assistant Africa Specialist

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I completed a Geography degree at the University of Exeter and a Masters in Environment and Development from King’s College London, but perhaps most importantly I have a lifelong love of travel, wildlife and the outdoors. In between time at a sustainability charity and marketing international education programmes, I carried out biological fieldwork in Costa Rica, backpacked from London to Istanbul (taking the scenic route via the Balkans and Eastern Europe), explored The Caucasus’ and helped set up a social enterprise for young conservationists.

Prior to university I spent time in northern Namibia volunteering at a rural school, which sparked an interest in the continent and all it has to offer. A few years later I was back, but this time with four wheels (and a couple of spares) to undertake a rather bumpy Land Rover expedition across Botswana and the Okavango delta. It was this journey that really ignited my passion for the Southern African bush, and I soon began plotting my next African adventure.

Luckily, the wait wouldn’t be too long; after a year or so back at work in central London, I made the decision to pack everything up and return to Africa. My husband and I purchased a 4x4 and spent a wonderful 6 months overlanding 32,000km from South Africa to Tanzania and back again, covering nine countries and visiting as many national parks en-route as possible.

All good things must come to an end, and although I was sad to leave the bush behind, I was ecstatic to start working for Expert Africa - I still get to talk about safaris all day! I am on the East Africa team here, and after spending the last two years mainly focussing on Tanzania, I am now also spending time exploring all that Kenya has to offer.

Jessica's most recent Africa trips

14 nights
“After focussing on Tanzania I was excited to finally visit neighbour Kenya. The trip exceeded my (high) expectations – it was excellent! After a short stay in Nairobi we spent a week in the Laikipia region. The highlight for me was certainly the variety of activities on offer. We went horse riding, walking, swimming, fishing and fly camping. The wildlife here is also good and I was excited to see my first gerenuk and grevy’s zebra. We then headed over to the Mara Conservancies for more conventional safari. We had some wonderful wildlife sightings including a family of lions with eight cubs, which we watched for a while playfully scrambling over each other. ”
7 nights
“After time exploring Northern Tanzania I was really excited to spend a week in Ruaha National Park, located in the South. Despite being the largest national park in Tanzania, it is still less known than the famous Northern Circuit and consequently has far fewer visitors. Whilst the density of game can't compare to that of the Serengeti, we were not in the slightest disappointed and still spotted a great deal of wildlife, including a high number of lion, elephant, giraffe, and even leopard and cheetah. Highlights include a walking safari, where we able to track a small elephant herd, and an absolutely fantastic night drive where we came across a pair of large porcupines, quickly followed by an aardwolf which are seldom seen in the area! ”
14 nights
“The main purpose of this trip was to visit the camps and lodges that we feature in Tarangire National Park and the Northern Serengeti, and it certainly didn't disappoint! We had some wonderful wildlife sightings along the way, from the thrill of a cheetah very nearly make a kill, to watching elephant strip baobab bark with its tusks - such strength! The wildebeest herds were quite surprisingly still in the Northern Serengeti, and so we were lucky to catch three river crossings; with hundreds of wildebeest dart across the river in a clouds of dust, trying to avoid the hungry crocodiles lurking under the surface! We also spent a couple of nights in the Mwiba Wildlife Reserve, a privately managed reserve bordering the Serengeti and NCA, which was very special. Incredibly peaceful, wonderful wildlife and landscape, and the opportunity to go walking with the Hadza tribe. ”

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“We had a wonderful trip thanks to the fantastic support of Jessica”



16 Sep to 3 Oct 2019

“Credit to Expert Africa for organising such a lovely trip for us. ”



29 Jul to 10 Aug 2019

“Jessica did a fantastic job planning our itinerary perfectly.”



27 Jul to 4 Aug 2019

“Loved every minute of our honeymoon. It could not have been better!”



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