Cultural experiences in Zanzibar

Best for experiencing the culture in Zanzibar

Simply staying on Zanzibar is a cultural experience in itself. The exotic, vibrant atmosphere of bustling Stone Town is an assault on the senses, but aside from the heady spices, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is steeped in history. What's more, it's easily explored on foot; you just wander around!

Zanzibar's Swahili culture is the result of a fusion of African, Asian and European influences meeting here. Historically Zanzibar was an important staging post for explorers and traders, and a key trading centre for spices and a centre for the slave trade.

Now Zanzibar offers many different cultural experiences, but accessing these in a short visit can be tricky. We'd often suggest basing yourself in Stone Town for a few days. We've also hand-picked a few insightful and enjoyable day trips - each of which focuses on different cultural aspects of Zanzibar. Ask us for more details.

Zanzibar's 6 best places for cultural experiences