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Cultural experiences in Tanzania
Cultural experiences in Tanzania
Cultural experiences in Tanzania
Cultural experiences in Tanzania
Cultural experiences in Tanzania

Tanzanian cultural experiences

Cultural experiences in Tanzania

Tanzania offers many contrasting African cultural experiences. With a population of around 50 million, the majority of whom are living in rural areas; it's possible to interact with a wide variety of people. Tanzania offers real insights into many different cultures, backgrounds and religions.

Across Tanzania the cultural groups and traditional practices differ greatly. A few examples of these contrasting groups are the iconic Maasai people who live mostly in northern Tanzania, the largely Muslim population of Zanzibar (see our comments on cultural experiences in Zanzibar), and the waMeru people who settled at the base of Mount Meru hundreds of years ago, to name but a few.

Chole Mjini

Chole Mjini was built to benefit its local community, with local people helping to build the lodge. It is a great place to visit if you value being able to interact with village life. Don't miss the walking tour of the village.

Greystoke Mahale

Guests can visit the local village and school with a member of staff from Greystoke Mahale.

Kigelia Camp

Guests take a half day visit out of the park to Tungamalenga Village, where the Nomad Trust supports the local school and clinic with basic educational and medical supplies, as well as outreach programs.

Rhotia Valley Ttd. Lodge

Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge has had a noticeably positive impact on the local community through its establishment of a nearby children’s home – and guests can see this work first-hand.

The Highlands

The Highlands has a close relationship with the local community, and guests may visit with a staff member to learn about the culture. This is a very genuine visit and not a working 'tourist' village.

Entamanu Ngorongoro

Entamanu has developed a very strong, sustainable relationship with the local community, provide genuine insights into Maasai life for guests whilst not degrading the traditional culture of Tanzania in favour of tourism.

The Highlands

The Highlands has a close relationship with the local community, and guests may visit with a staff member to learn about the culture. This is a very genuine visit and not a working 'tourist' village.

The Highlands

The Highlands has a close relationship with the local community, and guests may visit with a staff member to learn about the culture. This is a very genuine visit and not a working 'tourist' village.

Mountain Gorilla View

Mountain Gorilla View Lodge has strong ties with the surrounding communities and supports a local 'Intore' dance troop who perform at the lodge each afternoon. The word 'Intore' means warrior and bands of sisal on headbands portray dancers as fearsome lions.

Bisate Lodge

Bisate works very closely with the local community and complimentary village walks are offered to all guests, this is a good way to get a feel for the rural way of life in Rwanda. Many of the staff come from the local area and Bisate has invested in a number of community projects.

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Where to see wildlife species in Africa

Maximise the chances of seeing your favourite African animals based on traveller sightings reports from the field.



Panthera leo

Lions are at the top of the food chain and also most safari wish-lists, but with their numbers falling fast, any encounter with these majestic apex predators always feels like a privilege.


2,608 sightings from 3,217 observations

Where to see lion in Africa



Panthera pardus

The most numerous of Africa’s big cats, leopard occur across many habitats, from wild tracts to populated areas. Their grace and their elusive nature make them a unique safari drawcard.


1,660 sightings from 3,573 observations

Where to see leopard in Africa



Acinonyx jubatus

The cheetah is the fastest land animal and the only cat that hunts by pure speed. Found largely in open grasslands, its slim, elegant form is today an increasingly rare sight.


869 sightings from 2,735 observations

Where to see cheetah in Africa

Wild dog

Wild dog

Lycaon pictus

African wild dogs are among the continent’s most compelling animals. Much misunderstood, these rare, tie-dyed canids are amazingly efficient hunters with a fascinating social life.


749 sightings from 2,388 observations

Where to see wild dog in Africa

Spotted Hyena

Spotted Hyena

Crocuta crocuta

The spotted hyena may be thought of as ‘ugly’ and ‘cowardly’. In fact, this versatile and intelligent carnivore is one of Africa’s most fascinating and warrants attention on any safari.


1,831 sightings from 3,398 observations

Where to see spotted hyena in Africa



Connochaetes sp.

Superficially bovine in appearance, wildebeests are known for their spectacular migrations sometimes in huge numbers. These resilient animals are some of Africa’s most successful herbivores.


2,131 sightings from 3,166 observations

Where to see wildebeest in Africa



Syncerus caffer

One of the ‘Big Five’, buffalo earned a fearsome reputation in hunters’ tales. By contrast, big herds of these sociable bovids are placid, but mount formidable defences against predators.


2,195 sightings from 2,658 observations

Where to see buffalo in Africa



Pan troglodytes

The chimpanzee is our closest living relative. This highly intelligent great ape is a forest animal with a sophisticated social life. Any encounter in the wild is a memorable experience.


28 sightings from 28 observations

Where to see chimpanzee in Africa



Taurotragus oryx

Africa’s largest antelope, eland are culturally important from prehistoric rock art to modern game farms. Though widespread, they are also shy so sightings are uncommon and often fleeting.


1,231 sightings from 2,564 observations

Where to see eland in Africa



Loxodonta africana

By far the biggest of the so-called Big Five – indeed, the largest land animal on the planet – the elephant shapes the very landscape it inhabits and is a defining presence on any safari.


3,134 sightings from 3,458 observations

Where to see elephant in Africa



Oryx sp.

Oryx are impressive antelopes, with a powerful physique and elegant markings set off by rapier-like horns. They cut a distinctive dash in some of Africa’s harshest landscapes.


1,152 sightings from 1,644 observations

Where to see oryx in Africa



Litocranius walleri

With its slender frame and extraordinarily long neck, this unmistakable East African antelope resembles an attenuated impala and often stands on its back legs browse high shrubs.


77 sightings from 99 observations

Where to see gerenuk in Africa



Giraffa camelopardalis

The world’s tallest land mammal, giraffes are herbivores which have evolved many unique adaptations. Their iconic outlines tower above the bush in many of Africa’s wildlife areas.


3,004 sightings from 3,501 observations

Where to see giraffe in Africa



Hippopotamus amphibius

The territorial calls of the hippo create a signature soundtrack to Africa’s rivers & wetlands. Despite an endearing smile, this aquatic herbivore has a notoriously aggressive disposition.


2,280 sightings from 2,562 observations

Where to see hippo in Africa

Roan antelope

Roan antelope

Hippotragus equinus

Africa’s second largest antelope and one of its most handsome, with a powerful build and distinctive markings, roan are wary of people, but renowned for their bravery against predators.


399 sightings from 1,776 observations

Where to see roan antelope in Africa

Sable antelope

Sable antelope

Hippotragus niger

Perhaps Africa’s most beautiful antelope, sable are renowned for their combative nature, even holding off lions. Shy and restricted in range, sightings of sable are always special.


383 sightings from 1,774 observations

Where to see sable antelope in Africa



Tragelaphus spekii

The sitatunga is the most aquatic of Africa’s antelopes and specially adapted to its swampy habitats. Though widespread across Africa, only a handful of places offer reliable sightings.


51 sightings from 291 observations

Where to see sitatunga in Africa

Striped Hyena

Striped Hyena

Hyaena hyaena

The striped hyena is the most widespread of the world’s hyenas, but absent from southern Africa. A rarely-seen nocturnal scavenger, it is shyer and more solitary than its spotted cousin.


105 sightings from 736 observations

Where to see striped hyena in Africa



Equus sp.

The zebra is a quintessential African animal: the horse in stripy pyjamas at the end of every child’s A–Z. There are three species, of which the plains zebra is much the most common.


3,299 sightings from 3,917 observations

Where to see zebra in Africa



Orycteropus afer

The aardvark is one of Africa’s most bizarre and enigmatic animals. A shy, nocturnal termite-eater, signs of its presence may be scattered about the bush whilst sightings remain elusive.


67 sightings from 2,906 observations

Where to see aardvark in Africa



Smutsia sp.

Pangolins appear to be more pine cone than animal in their unique armoury of scales. These nocturnal, ant-eating oddities are not only highly elusive but also increasingly rare.


47 sightings from 2,864 observations

Where to see pangolin in Africa

Black Rhino

Black Rhino

Diceros bicornis

The black rhino is the smaller and rarer of Africa’s two rhino species but has the more fearsome reputation. Shy and heavily persecuted, it tends to stick to cover.


530 sightings from 1,738 observations

Where to see black rhino in Africa

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