Cultural experiences in Malawi

Experience the culture in Malawi

Almost any travelling in Malawi can offer insights into the country's culture and traditions - as most of Malawi's people are notably friendly, courteous and hospitable. African cultural experiences are everywhere in Malawi; it's so densely populated that travellers can't help but interact with lots of Malawians during a holiday here.

All of Malawi's people share a common Bantu origin. The population is made up of eleven different ethnic groups, each with their own set of cultural norms and practices. The largest ethnic group is the Chewa tribe, and their mother tongue, Chichewa, is the official spoken language of Malawi.

Pass through villages, browse at local markets, or visit an old Christian Mission to experience some of the vibrant culture of Malawi. Our recommendations below don't focus on specific aspects of Malawian culture, they are just pointers for where we feel you'll get the best cultural experiences in Malawi.

Malawi's 1 best places for cultural experiences