Tulia Zanzibar

Tulia Zanzibar

16 rooms
Best for 8+
1 Jun to 30 Apr

After four years in the building, the 16-room Tulia Zanzibar Beach Resort, to give its full name, opened in 2016 on Zanzibar’s north-east coast. The sea-facing side of the property is set on low cliffs above the Indian Ocean, with the beach below accessible only at mid-to-low tide. The very large, air-conditioned rooms are separated by densely planted tropical gardens and indigenous shade trees.

Our view of Tulia Zanzibar

While our initial impression of Tulia was of a rather formal establishment, this was quickly belied by the hotel’s water slides, the music playing at the right volume and the many relaxing corners. This is a meticulously planned and executed boutique resort, with outstandingly good food and some of the most ambitious and beautiful gardens we’ve seen at any beach hotel. To be sure, if you’re looking for a broad, sandy beach shaded by swaying palm trees, well, the relatively short cliff-edge frontage of the property meets the ocean at high tide, so you won’t find that here. And if you want local colour, it’s fair to say the rooms owe next to nothing to Zanzibari influence. But if you can live with these provisos, and you’re looking for an extremely comfortable, luxury beach stay, with memorable meals (ku-tulia means to relax in Swahili), then Tulia is very much worth a careful look.

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