Melia Zanzibar

Melia Zanzibar

124 Rooms
Good for all ages.
All year

The Melia Zanzibar (formerly the Zamani Zanzibar Kempinski) is one of the island's largest resort complexes, owned by the international Spanish-owned hotel group. Located on Zanzibar’s east coast, 4km north of Kiwengwa, it has an extensive beach front with a private jetty, and a separate private beach 1km to the south of the main hotel complex. This large resort offers an extensive range of facilities and services for leisure travellers and business visitors.

Our view of Melia Zanzibar

The Melia Zanzibar is a very large and busy resort hotel. Arriving out of the bush environment of east coast Zanzibar, it comes as a shock, especially in comparison with most other hotels along this coast. However, if you're looking for a fun, well-run machine with lots of facilities, this could well be a good choice.

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