Mundulea Reserve

Mundulea Reserve

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Excellent (99%) From 71 reviews
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Mid-Jan to mid-Dec

The 120km2 Mundulea Nature Reserve was established by Bruno and Kate Nebe in 2001. Since then, the four former cattle ranches that make up the reserve have been gradually restored and re-wilded, a process that is still ongoing. The reserve is now home to thriving and diverse populations of game, including several threatened and endemic species. Guests – limited to a maximum of eight – normally spend four days exploring the reserve on foot (game drives are not offered here) with expert guides, returning each evening to a comfortable bush camp.

Our view of Mundulea Reserve

Mundulea is perfectly positioned for travellers either driving from or heading to eastern Etosha. Relaxed and friendly, it's a place to explore and to discover by day, returning in the evening for in-depth discussions and storytelling around the campfire. It is best suited to those who are really into walking, and have a genuine interest in their environment. By all means come to find wildlife, but it's not a place to get up close and personal with animals; instead come for real insights into Namibian wildlife and to enjoy what we know is some of the continent's best guiding.

Mundulea Reserve: Traveller ratings

Excellent(99%) From 71 travellers

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