Denis Island

Denis Island

Sixty miles north of Mahé, on the edge of the Seychelles Bank, Denis Island is a small coral island, named after the French explorer, Commander Denis de Trobriant, who officially 'discovered' the island in 1773.

Over the years, Denis Island has enjoyed many incarnations: a harbour for Arab traders and pirates; a thriving coconut plantation and part of the prosperous copra industry for nearly a century; and since 1975, an Indian Ocean haven for sun-seeking visitors after a castaway experience.

The island is fertile and lush with coconut palms, takamaka and casuarina trees crowding its centre, white sand for sunbathing and beach-combing covering its circumference and the shallow waters that precede the plateau drop-off, sheltering a colourful array of marine life. The protection of native flora and fauna, both above and below the water, is increasingly important on Denis and a number of Nature Seychelles conservation projects are underway, along with the operation of a small island farm to encourage sustainability.

Getting to Denis Island

Flights run by Air Seychelles link Denis Island to the Domestic terminal of the main international airport on Mahé Island, and at time of writing these fly daily:

Depart Mahé: 11:45 / Arrive Denis Island: 12:15
Depart Denis Island: 12:30 / Arrive Mahé: 13:00
(However, please use timings indicated on our confirmation invoices; do not rely on these timings.)

Where to stay on Denis Island

There's only one place on this island – Denis Island Resort! This is a relaxed retreat has some lovely cottages and villas. Ask us for the latest details.

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