Ozondjou Trails

Ozondjou Trails

5 twin tents
Best for 16+
All year

Opened in September 2016 Ozondjou Trails is a tented camp, overlooking Namibia’s Ugab River. Ozondjou is derived from a Herero word meaning elephant, which is an apt name for a property located close to the Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA) base camp. Staying here not only affords a good chance of spotting the areas desert-adapted pachyderms but also benefits them by supporting both EHRA projects and local farmers.

Our view of Ozondjou Trails

We are excited to see a new camp in a popular area. Ozondjou Trails promises to be a versatile tented camp in an interesting location and we have high hopes for it! We’ll post more details here when we have them, but meanwhile ask us for the latest information.

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