Download our 2016-17 brochure
The quickest way to get an overview of our safaris and holidays is to glance through our 2016-17 brochure, and you can download all of this here. It’s split up into countries and sections below; simply click on the section titles to download them.

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The Directory 2016

The Directory 2016
Page Area File size
4-5 Planning your holiday 531KB
6-7 Our website 527KB
8-9 International Flights 768KB
10-11 Regional Flights 486KB
12-17 Trip Ideas for Namibia 769KB
18-19 Trip Ideas for South Africa 206KB
20-25 Trip Ideas for Botswana 693KB
24-29 Trip Ideas for Zimbabwe 383KB
30-33 Trip Ideas for Zambia 472KB
34-35 Trip Ideas for Malawi 316KB
36-37 Trip Ideas for Mozambique 366KB
38-43 Trip Ideas for Tanzania 623KB
44-47 Trip Ideas for Kenya 671KB
48-49 Trip Ideas for Rwanda 703KB
50-51 Trip Ideas for Seychelles 301KB
52-53 General Information 108KB
54-55 Booking Conditions 82KB
56-57 Travel Insurance 98KB
59-60 Booking Form 102KB
62-63 Meet the Team 282KB

Brochure 2016-17 Introduction

Brochure 2016-17 Introduction
Page Area File size
5 Introduction & map of Africa 267kB
6-23 Best for 1633kB
24-27 When to go 416kB

South Africa

South Africa
Page Area File size
64-67 The Cape: Introduction 1266kB
68-69 The Cape: Map 337KB
70-71 Cape Town 311kB
72-73 Wine Region 320kB
74-75 Namaqualand & Hermanus 287kB
76-77 Southern Cape 296kB
78-81 Garden Route 635kB
82-83 Eastern Cape 285kB
84-85 Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park & Augrabies Falls 353kB






Page Area File size
160-164 Malawi: Introduction 1131kB
165- Malawi: Map 198KB
166-169 Malawi: Areas 613KB


Page Area File size
240-243 Kenya: Introduction 607kB
244-245 Kenya: Map 262kB
246-253 The Maasai Mara 1214kB
254-257 Laikipia 453kB
258-259 Samburu 307kB
260-261 Meru National Park 400kB
262-263 Northern Kenya 370kB
264-265 Tsavo West and East National Park 253kB
266-267 Amboseli and the Chyulu Hills 301kB
268-271 The Kenya Coast 620kB
272-273 Nairobi 305kB




Page Area File size
284-287 Seychelles: Introduction 638kB
288-289 Seychelles: Map 281kB
290-293 Mahe Island 816kB
294-299 Praslin Island 1325kB
300-301 La Digue Island 338kB
302-303 Bird Island 230kB
304-305 Denis Island 296kB
306-307 Desroches Island 450kB
308-309 Fregate and North Islands 240kB