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Travel reviews by Roan antelope from Wirral

Kafue/South Luangwa

On this trip, I visited between 9-Jun-2008 and 21-Jun-2008 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


On the whole we had an enjoyable trip. Brad our guide in Kafue was very keen and knowledgeable and put himself out to find game for us, even going out while we had lunch to try to track cheetas for us at Musanza. Luckily he was very good at spotting birds too because the game was very sparse. I feel it was probably too early in the year to go up to the plains.

We also had some trouble with the vehicles at Kafue, we had two different ones at Lufupa that we had to push out of holes twice because the four wheel drive was not working. The replacement we were given to drive up to the plains we had to push start every time the engine was turned off and poor Brad had to dive it all the way back to Lufupa between drives to get it checked out.

With the problems with the 'tents' at Lufupa and the vehicles I don't think Wilderness has quite the slick operation for its 'Exploration' trips that its reputation would like it to have . However we still enjoyed the wildness of Kafue and the lack of other visitors and vehicles.The group size of six was just right. Andrew runs a very good camp at Musanza, they are so efficient that two untidy members of our group came back from a drive to find that all of their clothes they had left strewn about the tent had been gathered up and washed.

Our time at Kafunta was as ever a great experience and we very much enjoyed the chance to get to the Nsefu sector of the park as well as the central area.

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