Hawkfish Island holiday

Hawkfish Island holiday: In full

Enjoy beautiful tropical surroundings on this spectacular 4-night private island holiday to Frégate, the most easterly of the granitic Inner Islands of the Seychelles, 35 miles from Mahé; this place has a lot in store for you, including the classical oceanic idyll, seven stunning beaches, an unusual flora & fauna, superb food, service and accommodation – Frégate Island Villas.


Days 1-4

4 nights at Fregate Island Villas (full board) | Fregate Island, Seychelles

The 16 vast bungalows of Fregate Island Villas are set on the northern curve of the island...Starting in Mahé, you'll be met at the airport and transferred on a short 25-minute helicopter flight to Frégate Island. The hotel staff will greet you at the airstrip and take you to your villa on the island's northern coast. Here, you'll stay for 4 nights in a vast, colonial-style one-bedroom bungalow, set between two stunning beaches – Anse Bambous and Anse Macquereau. Explore the island in your private solar-powered buggy, which will be parked outside your room. There's a lot to do and to discover on Frégate: watch out for the very rare Seychelles magpie-robins, and the hawksbill and green turtles which nest on the island's secluded beaches!

Day 5

On your day of departure, a helicopter will pick you up at Fregate and take you back to Mahé Island in approximately 25 minutes. There you can continue on your own international flights or other onward journey plans you might have.

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