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Travel reviews by Ms Wood-hoopoe from UK

My Oct 2007 trip

On this trip, I visited Tanzania between 27-Oct-2007 and 11-Nov-2007 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


Expert Africa, and Claire Scott, made a brilliant job putting this trip together. I felt I briefly said what i was looking for, and I instantly got a very helping and knowledgable hand working for me.

Excellent advice on which game parks to visit (to avoid crowds and to see a lot of animals) both have been greatly met! We saw 10 times more than I had dreamt of! And there were rarely any other vehicles around, maybe one or two during the whole drive).

We moved between four different places, but everything went smoothly.

The only real downer is the food issue, but I am confident that Expert Africa, and Claire, did request this accordingly. I think it was big BA that lost the order, not you (having sorted every little step out in nowhere working perfectly well, I simply can't see you being the cause of the BA lapsus).

Feedback response

We’re delighted that the trip was generally such a great success. Many of our travellers want to avoid the crowds whilst seeing great game – and we pride ourselves on knowing some of the best out-of-the-way spots that can help achieve this.

However, we’re also very aware that this traveller – who runs a restaurant in the UK – did feel let down on some occasions by the food. This was especially an issue on the flights. We always try our best to advise the airlines, and all the lodges, of any special food requirements. However, we’d always advise travellers in economy class to take their own food if they have very specific likes, dislikes or requirements. Standard airline food really is often quite basic – regardless of the airline!

We’ve also given the lodges very clear feedback on these food issues, and we’re sure that the camps in question have learned from it – and will improve their offerings for people with specific food requirements as the result of it.

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