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Travel reviews by Clown Fish Family from UK

Hoping for the holiday of a lifetime

On this trip, I visited Tanzania between 17-Jul-2008 and 1-Aug-2008 and I travelled with 4 other people.

Overall my trip experience was:


Having waited for our son to be 12 so that we could take him on safari, when it actually came to it I was worried it would not live up to my expectations and that I might resent the huge amount of money we spent. Happily it did and I don't.

We had a fantastic two weeks, the two lodges (Manze and Impala in Tanzania) contrasted in style, terrain and game viewing. I was really pleased that the Selous Reserve offered the choice of game drives, boat trips and walking safaris and feel we would have been a bit jaded had there not been that variety.

Tanzania is a good to choice if you want a bit of beach time and I was especially please that we elected to go to Mafia rather than Zanzibar. A lot of other travellers went on to Zanzibar, but on Mafia the ex pats from Dar es Salaam rated our choice the better one.

I was really impressed with how everything went without any hitches. I'm sure this is no small part down to the background work and research done at EA. When time is limited you don't want to put up with the things that are usually part and parcel of travel in developing countries and that was what I was hoping to avoid by booking through a specialist agent. The time spend finding out our requirements and expectations meant that it was no accident taht everything went so well.

Your expert advice was worth every penny.

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