Lupita Island Lodge

Lupita Island Lodge

10 cottages
Great for 7+
1 Dec to 31 Oct

Lupita Island Lodge is secreted on the private 45-hectare Lupita Island, part of the only archipelago in Lake Tanganyika, in western Tanzania. Reached from the remote fishing village of Kipili, west of Katavi National Park and south of the Mahale Mountains, it sprawls across the top of the island, looking out over the lake, and with a wide range of beach and island activities.

Our view of Lupita Island Lodge

Lupita Island is different from your typical “beach stay” – in part because of the unique aspects of freshwater Lake Tanganyika, and in part for the remoteness and complete flexibility of a stay here. As it is owner-run, it is homely and welcoming, with a bit of a quirky, gently chaotic feel, but rather than detracting this adds to the memorable nature of a visit. Lupita may not be the most straightforward lodge to get to, but this adventure playground offers the whole package: friendly staff, great food, beautiful surroundings, and as much – or as little – to do as you wish.

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