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Travel reviews by Gaza from South Africa

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Sable Alley May Trip

Botswana between 10 May 2018 and 14 May 2018

Trip rating: Excellent
"We have always loved the bush and we will always return. The bush restores ones sole. It is always a privilege to be part of an adventure like experiencing Sable Alley.

We rate this camp as one of our better camps we have experienced in Botswana. (We have had the privilege to experienced premier camps etc)

Overall experience; trip as a whole:

Keep up the good work.

As it is always a pleasure dealing with someone who makes you feel that they are in control and they know exactly what you want."

Arranged By Megan Green

Sable Alley

Sable Alley

"Sable Alley feed back"

4 nights Arrived 10 May 2018
"We have always traveled to Botswana with Wilderness Safaris (Xigera; Jacana; Kalahari Plains; Vumbura Plains; Kings Pool). We decided to try someone else. Obviously from the noted camps it can be seen that we love Botswana as we would not be returning so frequently. We had a few concerns however it must be understood that this has not changed our minds to do another trip with your organisation.

1) Not sufficient vehicles for travelling in the bush. Having to share with people who have no clue about what is going on in the bush and who totally lack simple understanding of what a privilege it is to actually be out in the wilds is so disappointing. The reason why I say this is because we were constantly having to drop and pick up people resulting in the vehicle hanging around close to the camp when in fact we should be out on a game drives (Is that no what we have paid for). And as we all know it is timing that finds something around the next corner. If you are not exploring the next corner then you will definitely miss out.

2) No camera facilities for mounting your camera on. It is such a simple requirement that would enable your camera to remain stable when using a long lens (Mounted bean bag)

3) Guides need to understand that when on a drive they should be clear in what they say as only the absolute tourist can be told anything and they will believe it. I have had the privilege to have grown up in the bush and I find it disappointing to sometimes listen to absolute nonsense been spoken by the guides. I am sure you would think that I am a know it all but I have lived and grown up in central Africa (Zambia) for some time however i am based in Cape Town for the last 25 years.

4) Guides need to ask what your preference of drinks are for the day and not to simply assume that what you requested at the beginning is what you will have all the way along. i say this because we are not the normal tourist who are in the camp for 2 days and one could get away with this. We always stay for 4 days

5) Small things if you are flying home and you must leave at a certain time in the morning one should provide a lunch packet. This small gesture shows that you have your clients interest at heart. The question could be asked, and it would be your clients decision if they wanted lunch or not. (Wilderness Safaris does this and this goes a long way)

6) Breakfast needs to be sorted out as some people like to have scrambled eggs/or any other type of eggs with bacon, sausage etc. (Again i say this because Wilderness Safaris does this)

7) Your person running the camp was a wonderful host Johann van den Heever whom i had a similar discussion with telling him what makes a massive difference to ones stay. The rest of the stay was was made a pleasure with your staff that ensured that we were well looked after.

8) Comments such as activities to be graded we do understand that they are all seasonally driven and activities such as Boating etc are restricted by the water levels. That is why one can only note Good.

9) For others to read my comments is something that your organisation should rather take and ensure that the items noted above are addressed as this will make your camp even more special.


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