Africa: the different countries

We only offer trips and safaris to selected countries in Africa. All are places we know well. When you contact us, expect to speak to an expert in one or more countries who spends at least a month every year researching in Africa.

We’ll be able to guide you better than any website, even this one. Meanwhile, below is a brief, at-a-glance run-down of the countries on which we focus. (Although Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, and not a separate country, it’s included separately here for clarity.)

Click on the pictures to learn more about each:

Gliding around in a mokoro – this must be Botswana.


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With big game, glamorous lodges and one of the greatest unspoilt wildernesses on Earth, Botswana is perhaps Africa's most exclusive safari destination.
Expert Africa's Kenya safaris are based on local flights to areas like the Maasai Mara…


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With its fabulous parks and conservancies, protecting a wealth of animals, landscapes and diverse cultures, Kenya has it all.
Malawi is dominated by its spectacular lake...


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Malawi is a quiet, friendly country dominated by one of Africa's great Rift Valley lakes. Old Africa hands will enjoy exploring, relaxing beside the lake, kayaking or perhaps venturing to hilly areas for great walking and hiking.
Mozambique is a big country, with hundreds of islands scattered along its coast.


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Travel is difficult in Mozambique's interior, but two stunning archipelagos have beautiful beach hideaways in the Indian Ocean: the Bazaruto Archipelago in the south, and the remote Quirimbas Archipelago Archipelago in the north.
Namibia is an amazing country.


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Spectacular scenery, diverse wildlife and a rich cultural heritage await discovery by air, with a guide or on a self-drive adventure.
Take a look into the eyes of Rwanda.


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The small, mountainous central African country of Rwanda is new to tourism after its troubled history – so expect basic hotels, fascinating people, and the best gorilla-watching safaris in Africa.
Justifiably, Seychelles is famous for its spectacular beaches.


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The Seychelles - in the heart of the Indian Ocean - are a group of about 155 widely-spread islands, surrounded by coral reefs and tropical seas. Visit after an African safari, or one their own for a spectacular beach holiday.
The Cape is renowned for its spectacular scenery.

South Africa

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South Africa is vast, and we concentrate on the Capewhich offers fine food, wineries, culture, great beaches, interesting safaris and Cape Town – one of the world's most beautiful cities.
Not only does Tanzania offer first-class wildlife viewing...


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Tanzania is a huge and varied country: it's not only got a wide choice of big-game safaris, but also world-class tropical islands and beach holidays. Tanzania probably does the 'bush-and-beach' combination better than any other country!
Stepping out in Zambia is always an adventure.


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Home to walking safaris, exceptional wildlife, superb guiding and the mighty Victoria Falls, Zambia is Africa at its most alluring.
Blinding colour and stunning beaches are Zanzibar’s hallmarks.


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The ultimate Spice Island: Zanzibar’s mystique, marine life and chic beach retreats make it Africa’s most alluring archipelago.
Zimbabwe has long been one of our favourite countries in Africa - notable for its diversity...


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Zimbabwe is a great country which still stands in the shadow of political problems. However, it has a handful of great small safari lodges and some of Africa's best guides – so since 2010 has been rapidly re-gaining popularity amongst the cognoscenti.
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