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Reteti Elephant Orphanage visit

Reteti Elephant Orphanage visit

Reviews: Reteti Elephant Orphanage visit

Below are independent comments from 7 of our travellers who have done this activity and have kindly agreed to share their thoughts. They do not necessarily represent the views of Expert Africa.

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Mrs K.

"Reteti Elephant Orphanage visit review"

Based at Saruni Samburu on 10 Oct 2022
"It’s a 2.5 hour drive from the camp but well well worth it ..the drive actually gave us a chance to see a bit of real Kenya outside of the conservancy ,the guides and rangers who accompanied us were excellent company once again it was just the two of us on the trip .

The orphanage itself wow wow what a truly amazing place ,we felt extremely honoured to have been able to visit ..what dedication from everyone we met ,Mary was our guide, she was so knowledgeable .We were the only visitors that afternoon its best to go for the 12 o’clock feeding as the elephants then have play time so you get to see so much more than if you go early ..think the early time is 9am. We also had the opportunity to feed the orphaned giraffes ..unbelievably lucky

So the message here is if you have the opportunity to go its so worth it wont regret it and we had a great lunch under elephant rock" Read more about this whole safari

"Reteti Elephant Orphanage visit review"

Based at Sarara on 22 Sep 2022
"A must to visit. I was there for a 9 am and a late afternoon. The morning there was a little more activity. The late day I had the viewing to myself. The caregivers are passionate about their work and will explain absolutely everything about the care the elephants receive. It was also wonderful to see so many women working here!" Read more about this whole safari
Mr/Mrs E
Wisconsin US

"Reteti Elephant Orphanage visit review"

Based at Sarara Treehouses on 11 Jun 2022
"We very much enjoyed the elephant sanctuary visit!

There were a lot of "orphans" of different species, which we got to see up close. We enjoyed feeding the baby giraffes and gerenook, and observing the elephant care plans (brief visit with the nutritionist). This was also a nice "link" to the singing wells, as several of the orphans had been rescued from them.

This is an excellent endeavor of the Samburu community and we highly recommend it!" Read more about this whole safari
Ms U.

"Reteti Elephant Orphanage visit review"

Based at Elephant Bedroom on 7 Mar 2022
"A truly special place, and we're so glad we had the opportunity to visit the sanctuary. While there were similarities to the facility in Nairobi, here we had the opportunity to talk to the keepers and really learn about the details of their program.

There was a one month old elephant who had arrived recently, and was bonding with his keeper. It was incredible to see the personality of this little guy, and the dedication of the keeper." Read more about this whole safari
Mr & Mrs J

"Elephants and more"

Based at Sarara Treehouses on 20 Feb 2022
"We visited at midday as our guide recommended this was the best time to see the elephants playing as well as eating.

There aren't just elephants here - there are also baby giraffe and rescued antelopes just wandering around - but the elephants are the main attraction. They rush out for their feed and then there is general carnage as they head for the mud wallow.

If you like watching baby elephants rolling around together in mud (and who doesn't), you'll love it." Read more about this whole safari
Mrs Catherine H

"Reteti Elephant Orphanage visit review"

Based at Sarara on 14 Jan 2022
"There is nothing more heartwarming than spending an hour here! Watching during feeding time, you instantly see the elephants' personalities (and the keepers!) personalities shine through. The cheeky ones trying to grab a second bottle, the "best friends" who like to be fed together, the keepers seeking out the shy elephants to make sure they have their bottle. Learning about the impact the orphanage has had and continues to make on the Samburu is fascinating." Read more about this whole safari
H & R

"Fantastic work - a real treat to visit"

Based at Saruni Rhino on 20 Oct 2019
"A long and bumpy trip to reach this very hidden gem but wouldn't have missed it for anything - one of the highlights of the holiday.

Admirable work being undertaken and a joy to see the orphaned elephants running out to be bottle-fed and interacting with their keepers.

Great to see Samburu women involved here." Read more about this whole safari
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