15 bandas
Best for mature 12+
All year

On the banks of the Galana, one of Kenya’s biggest rivers, Galdessa is a makuti-roofed lodge of 15 bandas, nestling under the doum palms in an isolated corner of Tsavo East National Park. The area is excellent for elephants and lions and has spectacular birdlife. Formerly owned by the exuberant owner of Alfajiri Villas at Diani, the lodge was sold in 2017 to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust who plan to use it as a patrons' base connected to their orphaned elephant release programme in the area. Please contact a Kenya specialist at Expert Africa for news. Please note: the information in this report dates from before the sale to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Our view of Galdessa

Tsavo East National Park is frequently viewed as a one-night safari destination for coast-based package tourists. Knowing Galdessa, this is a pity, as the park deserves more visits from real safari-lovers. We love the peaceful setting, the beautiful riverine landscape and the serene contentment that accompanies a stay here. The wildlife isn’t as prolific as it is in some parts of Kenya, but the strong character of the landscape – the river, the doum palms, the rocks and the red soil – has its own very memorable appeal. Our only quibble might be Galdessa's dark and somewhat uninviting bathrooms. Nevertheless, Galdessa really knows how to make its guests comfortable.

Video of Galdessa

Galdessa is located in the beautiful riverine landscape, in a elephant rich environment.
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