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We believe that to get the best from a trip to Africa, you need impartial advice from people who know Africa well, have actually been to the places where you are thinking of travelling and can advise you from first-hand experience – like our team!

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I first went to Africa in 1987, after reading physics at Queen's College, Oxford. I taught for almost three years in a rural school in Zimbabwe (with VSO), and during this time had the chance to travel extensively. In 1990 I co-authored the Guide to Namibia and Botswana for Bradt Publications: the first English guidebook to these countries. Then shortly after I returned to the UK, to spend the following three years as a business analyst and shipbroker for P&O in London.

Leaving the city, I joined Sunvil Holidays in 1994 to concentrate on what I enjoy most: Africa. The passionate and pioneering company that is Expert Africa grew out of this, and remains a proud member of the Sunvil family of travel companies.

I feel incredibly lucky to be doing what I love, and to have an amazing team of specialists working with me and sharing this passion.
I am committed to responsible travel, and regard extensive travel for the whole Expert Africa team as essential – helping everyone to keep up to date and give the best advice possible.

In 1996 I wrote the Zambia guidebook, for Bradt Travel Guides; then the first guidebook to Zambia and now in its 6th edition. I followed it in '98 with a new Namibia guide and in 2003 with a new book on Botswana; both are now in their 5th editions. My wife Susan and I, have co-authored five new Zanzibar guides, and I recently co-authored a couple of guidebooks to Tanzania. My regular research trips to Africa help to ensure that up-to-date new editions are produced regularly.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and periodically contribute to various papers and magazines, from Wanderlust, BBC Wildlife and Travel Africa to The Independent and The Telegraph.

I have been an expert panel member for two of DFID's business challenge funds in recent years, and a director of AITO (Association of Independent Tour Operators) for the last five years.

Based with my family near Farnham, in the UK, I return to Africa regularly for research trips.

Chris's most recent Africa trips

8 nights
“I first visited Kafue National Park in 1995, when the wildlife had been phenomenal. Subsequently, I’d explored it several times although the game on my last visit in 2007 had been disappointing, especially on the Busanga Plains. This trip was a chance to update my view. I saw some some great new camps and Kafue’s game has definitely turned around. Game densities are significantly higher than they were in 2007 – and with African Parks supporting Kafue from 2019, I’d expect it to go from strength to strength. ”
24 nights
“This trip combined research with a family trip: the first time my children (aged 9 & 4) had visited open tented camps in big game areas. It was a privilege and pleasure for me – as well as working wonders for their wildlife knowledge. We visited magical areas and had phenomenal sightings, including leopard and wild dog kills, but what shone were a few guides. The days that we spent alone as a family, choosing our own schedule, with a top private guide – these were very special and our most vivid memories.”
21 nights
“I love the ease with which anyone can drive around Namibia: places feel simultaneously remote and yet accessible. This long trip was very relaxed: family time to just enjoy. Small guest farms like Corona & Ghaub were a pleasure; Okonjima was special and the children loved having their own cameras to record the wildlife. Etosha was much quieter than I'd expected in August; self-driving was perfect. Numerous great rhino sightings, day and night, and an amazing, extended sighting of a cheetah with cub.”

Chris's guidebook work


Botswana - 5th edition

Bradt Travel Guides



This 5th edition of my Botswana guide is out mid-2018 and, as always, putting it together has been a team effort. Researching in 2017, it was great to see how well Botswana is doing, both for its people and its wildlife - a real success in many ways.

Zanzibar, Pemba, Mafia

Zanzibar, Pemba, Mafia - 9th edition

Bradt Travel Guides



My wife, Susie, and I have written the Zanzibar guide since researching its 6th edition, in 2005. Since then, the island, and the scale of tourism there, has changed immensely – but at its best, it’s still a very magical place.


Zambia - 6th edition

Bradt Travel Guides



I backpacked alone to write the first Zambia guidebook in 1996: then Zambia was unknown territory. Now this 6th edition is a team effort: the painstaking research trips helping our specialists to stay up to date with the latest Zambia developments.


Namibia - 5th edition

Bradt Travel Guides



I first travelled to Namibia in 1989, pre-Independence. I expected problems but found none. Just a captivating country which was, even then, very easy to travel around. Many editions later, it’s even easier to travel there and just as captivating.

Namibia & Botswana

Namibia & Botswana - 1st edition

Bradt Travel Guides



I co-authored my first guidebook to Namibia & Botswana in 1990 and a second edition in '94. Both were basic by today’s standards, with line drawings, sketch maps and few pictures, but as the first full English guide to these countries, they did well!

Chris's previous Africa research

12 nights
14 nights
7 nights

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“Selous visit 2016.... We were very pleased with our trip. ”



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