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Mr & Mrs P from Volcano
Date: 6-Aug-2018 Based at: Rubondo Island Camp

Challenging Romp through the Jungle

The chimps on Rubondo Island are wild chimps, and although they do not flee from humans, they do not just sit around waiting to be seen and photographed.

Six TANAPA trackers had trouble finding and keeping up with the group of chimps, and our first day ended up in frustration after several fast-paced attempts to see them. Nevertheless, the walk through the dense forest was worthwhile. On the second day we were able to see several of the chimps after a long hike, including a nice look at the dominant male of the group, and a mother and young chimp. The chimps were on the move, foraging for food, and they move amazingly fast and quietly along the forest floor!

There is absolutely nothing artificial about seeing chimps on Rubondo. They are not fed to keep them in a particular area. So seeing them will take effort and some luck, since they have a large territory to roam in. Apparently some visitors have found the chimps in a resting mode, and were able to observe them closely and easily for some time. Our experience was quite different, as we searched for them in dense forest, and caught glimpses of them as they rested for a minute or two before moving on.

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