Travel reviews

Travel reviews by Dr & Dr L from Cheshire

We'd said this was our last safari ..but!!!!!

On this trip, I visited Rwanda & Tanzania between 30-Jun-2011 and 19-Jul-2011 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


The organisation of the trip was great and everything worked perfectly. The guides and their landcruisers were excellent.

The change in location of the Serengeti Safari Camp to be by the Mara River was great - and as it was a new site it was amazing to be there on its first night ever. The re-arrangement of our transfers and flights worked very smoothly to our relief.

We had said that this would be our last safari, but we had such a great time that I suspect we'll be going again.......

We felt that we were glad to have gone gorilla trekking now, as we soon wouldn't have the energy to climb the mountains - the climb is from 7,000' to about 9,000'. Not impossible, but we were the oldest in our groups by more than somewhat on our gorilla trekking days, so we were the slowest.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Lake Natron Camp, Tanzania
1-Jul-2011 review: Flamingoes, tilapia and Masai - perfect
Kirurumu Manyara Lodge, Tanzania
3-Jul-2011 review: Tent looked over Lake Manyara - great
Rhino Lodge, Tanzania
5-Jul-2011 review: No rhinos but De Fasso Water Buck
Dunia Camp, Tanzania
8-Jul-2011 review: A camp with no boundaries
Nomad Serengeti Safari Camp, Tanzania
10-Jul-2011 review: Arrived Day 1 of new camp near Mara River!
Umubano Kigali Hotel, Rwanda (this camp has since closed)
14-Jul-2011 review: Very luxurious but very hot and humid
Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Rwanda
15-Jul-2011 review: Great centre for gorilla trekking