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Travel reviews by Mr & Mrs D from Caldicot

My Jun 2012 trip

On this trip, I visited Botswana between 21-Jun-2012 and 28-Jun-2012 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


Our transfer from the Westcliff for a 10.20 flight was arranged for 06.30 which the hotel agreed was too early. They phoned our contact for the transfer to move it to 7.30 giving us time to have breakfast. This request was refused, so I phoned them. They flatly refused to move it saying we needed a 3 hour check in for Air Botswana. The other argument was that we would want a good seat.

As a result I had to incur the cost of a room service breakfast at 6am. We arrived at the airport at 07.05 only to find the check in desk didn't open until 08.00! When they did open they said it was a one and a half hour check in not 3 as we had been told.
When we got on the plane it was free seating! Why did the transfer company lie to us?

Feedback response

We are delighted that these travellers had an excellent trip overall to Botswana, and enjoyed their stay at the Westcliff. However, were sorry to hear that their request for a later transfer to the airport was refused.

When we asked the transfer company for an explanation, they explained that although this early transfer time may have seemed overcautious and unnecessary, they needed to allow extra time for unforeseen delays, especially as there was only one flight to Maun on that day.

Although they felt they were acting in these travellers best interests, and assure us it was not their intention to be dishonest, theres no doubt the ideal situation would have been to have the reason for the early transfer explained clearly to these travellers at the time. They have apologized for this.

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