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Travel reviews by Ms G from Washington

Zambia is a unique and beautiful destination!

On this trip, I visited Zambia between 12-Oct-2013 and 18-Oct-2013 and I travelled alone.

Overall my trip experience was:


What I wanted in a safari was density and variety of wildlife without lots of other people around. It's a very rare place indeed that can meet these requests. Zambia exceeded my expectations! I'm glad I went at the end of the dry season so that the animals were easier to view due to lack of vegetation as well as being in more concentrated numbers due to limited water sources.

What also made Zambia so unique was that there are sub species of giraffe and zebra that are only viewed in Zambia (and maybe Malawi). Somehow that made the experience that much more special.

I came back from my trip sad that I had to leave and immediately telling my friends on Facebook that they needed to put Zambia on their bucket list! (My images of all the wildlife I saw helped convince many that they too needed to go!)

Suggestions to help us improve our trips or our service:

Your feedback form is critical if filled out by customers. I like that you follow up trips with a way to leave detailed feedback and I hope (and I believe) that you use the feedback to improve and update your info on the camps. I can't really think of any suggestion I can recommend to improve your system.

Exert Africa has been fantastic. I had no glitches with my arrangements and felt confident that if I did I'd know who/what to do, thanks to your information you provided.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Chongwe River Camp, Zambia
12-Oct-2013 review: Bucket List Destination!
Tafika, Zambia
15-Oct-2013 review: Wildlife Extravaganza!