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Travel reviews by Wise Monkeys from Bucks

Fantastic Trip - Can't Wait to Return!

On this trip, I visited Botswana between 10-May-2008 and 30-May-2008 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


Our trip was wonderful!

Susannah was brilliant. She showed incredible patience and helpfulness despite the fact we extended our trip twice and wanted to change flights very late in the day.

Suggestions for improvement:

Continue doing what you! We have always found the whole team at Expert Africa to be very helpful and knowledgeable.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Own arrangements
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Little Vumbura, Botswana
15-May-2008 review: Little Vumbura doesn't disappoint
Lebala Camp, Botswana
18-May-2008 review: Return to Lebala
Little Kwara, Botswana
20-May-2008 review: Big Fun at Little Kwara
Pom Pom Camp, Botswana
23-May-2008 review: Beautiful Pom Pom
Own arrangements
26-May-2008 review: Meno a Kwena