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Travel reviews by Ms P & family from Belgium

So happy with this trip

On this trip, I visited Tanzania & Zanzibar between 6-Jul-2010 and 21-Jul-2010 and I travelled with 6 other people.

Overall my trip experience was:


This was a completely wonderful holiday - exceeded our very high expectations.

Was so pleased I used Expert Africa: good advice at every stage, and so we got a trip that was just what we wanted. It was obvious that all the staff members I spoke to had first-hand experience of the camps and so could really help with our choices, and were very helpful talking through what we needed to consider.

Thank you.

These travellers subsequently wrote to us:

As you see, we really did have a fantastic holiday, and are extremely pleased that we used Expert Africa to help us get the trip we wanted. We realised while we were away how good your advice had been, and that we had a more "adventurous" holiday than I would have confident booking without that advice.

Not all the other people we met while we were away felt they had such a good experience with their own agents. This was often because they had taken a package deal so had little if any choice of camp and hadn't not known what to expect, through a variety of people with small problems changing onto internal flights at Dar Es Salaam, to some people who had been routed through Johannesburg during the World Cup and found themselves with nowhere to stay!

We were happy to mention Expert Africa as we really felt that the whole trip was very well organised and just what we hoped. The two camps in particular were so welcoming especially to the children - before we left, so many people had told me how brave I was to take my kids on safari that I had started to wonder whether it really was a sensible decision, but they loved it, learnt so much and felt included in everything we did.

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