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Ballooning in the Namib Desert

Ballooning in the Namib Desert

Reviews: Ballooning in the Namib Desert

Below are independent comments from 77 of our travellers who have done this activity and have kindly agreed to share their thoughts. They do not necessarily represent the views of Expert Africa.

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Mr & Mrs B

"Ballooning in the Namib Desert review"

Based at Sossus Dune Lodge on 22 Jun 2024
"Wonderful competent company. Well informed, capable, careful.

Well managed beautiful experience, although the morning we went the staff chose to spend most of the time too low, much like being at the top of a dune which we had already done on foot, so overall some exhilarating moments but we missed the sustained unique experience that can only be found by floating high in a balloon.

I believe it was necessary to stay low in order to cathch the wind and cover the distance in a timely way to the landing spot. We've done balloon rides in other places that were more exciting." Read more about this whole safari
Miss G

"Ballooning in the Namib Desert review"

Based at Kwessi Dunes on 15 Jun 2024
"Great staff and my pilot Evo was fun and knowledgeable.

We had a fun and delicious breakfast outdoors afterward." Read more about this whole safari
Mr M.

"Ballooning in the Namib Desert review"

Based at Hoodia Desert Lodge on 13 May 2024
"We did this excursion while staying at Hoodia Desert Lodge. We were picked up by the balloon company at 0545 and there was around half an hours drive from Hoodia to their offices, including a brief stop in the dark to see a family of jackals.

The experience was run by the specialist balloon company. It appeared a very professional set up. There were excellent toilet facilities, hot drinks and cookies freely available and an extensive gift shop. We got talking to one of the check-pilots and it turned out she had trained the balloon pilot we had used some years previously in the Serengeti.

After an amusing but thorough safety briefing, we were driven to the launch site. There were 4 balloons going up this day and part of the experience involved standing around while they were set up and inflated. This did seem to go on for a long time but eventually we took off. The individuals pilots were in constant radio communication with each other and with the pilot of a fixed wing aircraft in the vicinity also doing scenic flights.

The flight itself was wonderful. The rocks and dunes in the early morning light looked magical. Our pilot took us up very high at first and showed us the dark line on the horizon which was the Atlantic Ocean 70 km away. Then we went lower and looked at the dunes more closely and finally very low into a dry river bed while we looked for wildlife. We saw oryx and then a brown hyena broke cover and ran away from the balloon. He was in sight for some time and startled some springbok into running straight towards us, allowing some great pictures.

We had a 'sports' landing (the balloon bounced a couple of times) which was fine and once the balloon was packed up and all traces of it swept away by brooms, we were driven to the breakfast site at the foot of a very scenic dune. Breakfast was lovely, as much champagne as we wished and a good selection of breakfast items. The serving staff, which included the pilots, were attentive and more than happy to chat, answer questions or take photos if asked. We were driven back to the offices as soon as we asked and then very promptly back to Hoodia.

It would have been possible to have driven ourselves to the set offices and then set off for the next part of our trip from there. There was ample parking and the facilities were good, but it didn't really make much difference, only saving about 20 minutes in the end and it would have meant driving on the gravel road in the dark." Read more about this whole safari

"Ballooning in the Namib Desert review"

Based at Hoodia Desert Lodge on 8 May 2024
"Fantastic experience from start to finish!

Professional, fun, extraordinary views, great pilots & staff, all finished off with a champagne breakfast.

Pricey, but worth it.

Can’t fault, 10 out of 10!" Read more about this whole safari
M and D

"Ballooning in the Namib Desert review"

Based at Hoodia Desert Lodge on 6 May 2024
"Amazing experience!

The team are very nice, experienced and knowledgeable.

Transfers were smoothly organized.

Amenities are very clean and nicely decorated.

It was nice to see the preparation of the balloons, including inflating. Then the flight is so beautiful - seeing the dunes and the wildlife whilst sun is rising, all in a quiet surrounding - only noise is when the burners are on or when you speak. The balloon pilot regularly rotates the balloon so everyone can have 360° views. Finally, landing is an experience in itself :-)

And then, breakfast with amazing buffet and champagne in the desert is simply incredible.

To finish with, great to see that the company and the family are supporting the local community, through the creation and running of a local school, as well as sewing activities and plant farming." Read more about this whole safari
Dr B

"Ballooning in the Namib Desert review"

Based at Sossus Dune Lodge on 17 Feb 2024
"The hot-air balloon over the desert should not be missed. It is an early morning start with the majestic balloons soaring into the skies just after sunrise. The pilot and set-up crew are friendly and happy to explain the process of filling the balloon and getting the basket ready to receive guests.

Once up in the air the flight is calm with the only sound the burst of flame from the heater to control the height of the balloon. The pilot was brilliant at controlling the way we floated, moving from a high eagle's view over the desert to skimming the ridges of the surrounding hills. It's a great way to get some very different views of the desert to photograph.

At the end of the fight we landed easily, right beside the area set up for a champagne breakfast. A fantastic way to start a day in the Namib Desert." Read more about this whole safari
Flying Dutchmen

"Ballooning in the Namib Desert review"

Based at Little Kulala on 24 Feb 2024
"If your wallet allows it a balloon flight at sunrise is a MUST. It is worth every penny.

The pilots are very well trained and extremely skillful and they have a lot of humor. They tell you a lot about the balloon, the environment, the desert, the dunes, the history, etc. The pilot also turns the balloon regularly so everyone can take that wonderful picture of sunrise, etc. Our balloon had a large basket which, on the inside, was dived into 4 quarters. Every quarter has 4 persons.This was an amazing experience.

After landing, our pilot landed the balloon right on top of the trailer (!!!), we enjoyed a wonderful champagne breakfast in the desert. White linens, sparkling wine, even almond milk, strong coffee (finally!), croissants, etc. everything locally/home made. Absolutely GREAT.

They also have a very nice curio shop, with some locally produced items with which they support 2 community projects." Read more about this whole safari
up north

"Ballooning in the Namib Desert review"

Based at Kulala Desert Lodge on 28 Jun 2023
"wow! what a fantastic experience and the breakfast on landing.........

superlatives all round.

saw quite a bit of wildlife from the air.

very impressed with the companies integration into the local community (school funding etc)" Read more about this whole safari

"Ballooning in the Namib Desert review"

Based at Hoodia Desert Lodge on 15 Jun 2023
"Fantastic experience from start to finish, great food, brilliant pilots - would 100% recommend!

Was really interesting to look round the school and see the impact of the ballooning organisation on the local community too." Read more about this whole safari
Mr&Mrs L.


Based at Desert Camp on 26 May 2023
"Absolutely fabulous !Run by a most professional company , the flight is from beginning to end a magic experience out of the world.

I insist on the competence and professionalism of the crew ( safety advice, very few people in the basket...).A world of a difference with a prior ballooning experience in Lao with a Chinese company !!!

The breakfast set in the middle of the desert with champagne and gorgeous homemade food was outstanding.

Only "negative" point: Namib Sky Balloon Safaris have stopped operating a shuttle between Sossusvlei Desert Lodge and their place." Read more about this whole safari
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