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Kayaking with seals

Kayaking with seals

Reviews: Kayaking with seals

Below are independent comments from 152 of our travellers who have done this activity and have kindly agreed to share their thoughts. They do not necessarily represent the views of Expert Africa.

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Miss K & Mr G

"OK...probably not quite as good as we were ex"

Based at Cornerstone Guesthouse on 20 Oct 2020
"It was ok, but not as good as we were hoping for. The seals didn’t really come and interact with the kayaks at all. Not sure if this is because they are having a really tough year so conserving energy, or because there haven’t been many kayaking trips because of covid, so they have become more wary.

Some really nice views of the flamingos on the way back to Walvis Bay though. Our guide was great and pointed out jackals and all the different birds. For us the highlight was (unexpectedly) the flamingos rather than the seals. Similar to Sandwich harbour, there were lots of dead or dying seals on Pelican Point, so tough to watch." Read more about this whole safari
Mr K.

"A memorable morning!"

Based at Lagoon Lodge on 29 Oct 2019
"This is an unforgettable experience.

To kayak amongst curious seals which you can virtually touch is an incredible wildlife experience. The trip to Pelican Point is also very good, with lots of wildlife to see along the way. Really really good outing and much enjoyed by all the family. The guides were great.

The only - small - thing they could have done is explain a bit more clearly what the plan for the kayaking actually was - we were launched without any clear indication of where we were going, how far, what the guides themselves would be doing.

No worries - we soon figured it out! Don't miss this trip." Read more about this whole safari
Mrs & Mr DB
BC Canada

"Not much kayaking"

19 Oct 2019
"It was more floating around in the bay watching and listening to the entertaining seals.

On the drive there and back, the guide was very informative though and provided good information about the area and the wildlife." Read more about this whole safari
Mr LeenP

"Great excursion"

Based at Beach Lodge on 19 Oct 2019
"Kayaking with hundreds of seals was great. However, for some still unclear reason, we ended up with a different kayaking company than mentioned in the itinery.

It was sorted out eventually. the Guide from Pelican Point who we ended up with KJ? spent far too much time talking about himself rather than the seals which detracted from what was a great experience." Read more about this whole safari
Eve& Reuben

"Kayaking with seals review"

Based at Beach Lodge on 28 Aug 2019
"Kevin was terrific. Explained the salt flats, its functioning, history, environmental effects and identified the birds there. And a little of the political situation, as only a native could.

And being with the juvenile sea lions was a real treat. Could have hoped to spend more time on the water, but Kevin very reasonably brought up the issue of not spending a lot of time with animals.
The kayaks and other equipment was very good." Read more about this whole safari

"Great fun with the seal pups"

Based at The Delight on 28 Aug 2019
"Having young seals nibbling your paddle is an amazing experience!!

SJ was a jovial leader and encouraged us to drift around while seals dived under us, rolled contentedly onto their backs and even tried to get on the kayaks.

Well worth doing." Read more about this whole safari
Mrs L.

"Kayaking with seals review"

Based at Cornerstone Guesthouse on 19 Aug 2019
"Would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to see the seals.

Very professional company running the trip, friendly and informative." Read more about this whole safari
Ms M

"Kayaking with seals review"

Based at Organic Square on 7 Aug 2019
"So much fun! Our guide SJ also works with a seal rescue group. The kayaks trip is fun for us and low impact on the seal colony. He also pointed out the salt flats and a flock of flamingos. That trip was a highlight of our visit." Read more about this whole safari
Mrs P

"Kayaking with seals review"

Based at Sam's Giardino on 9 Aug 2019
"Lovely people, even lovelier seals!

Well organised, great fun" Read more about this whole safari
Dr L & Family

"Drifting around with seals"

Based at Desert Breeze Lodge on 31 Jul 2019
"On this tour, you are drifting around with seals in a kayak just off the beach.You can stay on low water if you wish. It is very easy and requires no prerequisites unless you are extremely clumsy. One does not sail much, but mainly drift around among the seals near the shore. We could easily bring our own camera, the tourist kayak was very stable. Bring very warm clothing, sun hat and sunscreen. You are pushed dry-shoed out into the water. Exciting drive to the starting point. Especially good if you like animals. The only bad thing was that was were not booked with Jeanne Meintjies, as indicated in our itinerary. When we called her the day before to confirm our trip it took a while to find out, we were booked with another firm "Pelican Point Cayaking"." Read more about this whole safari
Showing 1-10 of 152
152 reviews of this excursion by travellers since Aug-2007.
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