South Africa information

Car hire in South Africa

The car categories used in South Africa are similar to those in Namibia. Included with all of our self-drive trips is a Group B/C or similar (manual). Unfortunately we’re not able to guarantee specific models of vehicle; we can only request a particular group of vehicle. The usual* choices of car categories group are:
  • Group A
  • Hyundai i10 VW Chico or similar. With radio/CD and p/steering. Comfortable for 3-4 people and included in our prices.
  • Group B
  • Ford Fiesta/VW Vivo or similar. With radio/ CD, air-con, ABS, air bags & power-steering.
  • Group C
  • Toyota Corolla/VW Polo Classic or similar. With radio/CD, air-con, ABS, air bags & power-steering.
  • Group D
  • Honda Jazz or similar. With radio/CD, air con, p/steering and automatic transmission.
  • Group K
  • Nissan Qashqai/Mitsubishi ASX or similar. With radio/ CD, air-con, ABS, air bags & p/steering.
  • Group L
  • Nissan X-Trail 2WD or similar. With radio/CD, air-con, ABS, airbags, p/steering & automatic transmission.
  • Group 1M
  • Toyota double-cab 4WD or similar. With radio/CD, air-con, ABS, air bags, p/steering & canopy (optional). Please note: these vehicles have a solid canopy without windows, this is better for security but restricts your rear view.
  • Group 7M
  • Toyota double-cab 4WD or similar. With radio/CD, air-con, ABS, air bags & p/steering. Fully equipped for camping including 1 tent, available on special request subject to availability.
  • Group N
  • VW Combi T5 or similar. With radio/CD, air-con, ABS, air bags & p/steering. Seats eight people.

Insurance for car hire in South Africa

We hire the best vehicles that we can and these include unlimited mileage and all local taxes. The car insurance that comes with our trip ideas includes full cover for theft of the vehicle, accident damage (even single-vehicle accidents), tyre damage, windscreen cover and roadside assistance. We believe that we offer the highest level of cover available in the industry today.

Note that it excludes a 'claim administration fee' (typically about £50/U$75) and towing fees (if the problem is not mechanical). It may also exclude water, sand and undercarriage damage - although it is very rare for our travellers to incur such damage.

Note that car drivers aged 18-20, and those aged over 75, must draw our attention to their age in writing before booking, and we may need to discuss the insurance with you. Cover may be restricted or supplements payable.

If you'd like a more precise outline of what your car-hire insurance covers, then please ask as to send you a copy. Note also that 4WD vehicles, and microbuses/people carriers may require different insurance provisions.

Driving in South Africa is easy, it's a great way to see the country and meet the people.

One-Way car rentals in South Africa (and to Namibia)

It is very easy for us to arrange one-way car hire within South Africa, and also between South Africa and Namibia. So you can easily start a fly-drive trip in Port Elizabeth, and end in Cape Town or even Windhoek. (There are usually one-way drop off fees).

It's good to have currency before you leave Cape Town, as fuel stations often only accept cash in South African Rand; some won’t accept take credit cards.

*There are a few additional categories of car available that are not listed here, if you would like to know more please contact us and we would be happy to help.