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Travel reviews by Mr & Mrs S - Georgia

Overall, a very good experience!

On this trip, I visited Tanzania between 17-Sep-2011 and 28-Sep-2011 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


I don't know about all the trip elements that our party lead planned with Expert Africa regarding the parks to visit, the side trips, and lengths of stay at each camp; however, after visiting the camps and parks, I would say that this could have been planned differently given the time of year. For example, 4 nights in the Tarangire with 2 nights of fly camping was too long. Three nights would been sufficient and 1 night of fly camping. Camping out is highly overrated after having done it so much in one's youth. The Ngorongora could have been skipped at this time of the year. The crater itself was a hughand windy dust bowl. We spent a day in Lake Manyara. What is there that the Serengeti doesn't have, other than blue monkeys and a rain forest? There is no lake to see, except at a great distance.

We met a number of tourists during the trip and they all said that the most memorable parks were the Serengeti and the Masa Mara. Bottom line, I believe there is where our trip should have focused on as first time visitors to Africa.

The Serengeti was the highlight of our trip.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Rivertrees Country Inn, Tanzania
17-Sep-2011 review: Very nice and relaxing - beautiful setting
Oliver's Camp, Tanzania
18-Sep-2011 review: Great experience!
Oliver's Fly-Camp, Tanzania
19-Sep-2011 review: Good experienceOliver's Fly-Camp review
Oliver's Camp, Tanzania
21-Sep-2011 review: Great to come back to after fly camping
Lemala Ngorongoro, Tanzania
22-Sep-2011 review: I would not recommend this camp
Olakira, Tanzania
24-Sep-2011 review: What an experience! Absolutely unforgettable