Travel reviews

Travel reviews by Family Tsuchiyose from USA

My Jun 2012 trip

On this trip, I visited Namibia between 9-Jun-2012 and 21-Jun-2012 and I travelled with 3 other people.

Overall my trip experience was:


Our trip was amazing in the sense of what we saw and how we did it, and its varieties.

Suggestions to help us improve our trips or our service:

It is very difficult to get the information and feel for the country you have never been to, and how things are done in each location. In that sense, the details were not communicated well to our needs.

It is easy to say, "please ask any questions if you have", rather than " please check this," or " did you know this?" to make sure that we understand the same thing. Many things are assumed to be understood. The communication was always initiated by me.

The child age should be considered individually by the height, not by age. Our daughter had never been a problem to any lodge. Given her age is 11.5 and she is tall.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Olive Grove, Namibia
10-Jun-2012 review: very pleasant, good food, good service.
Camp Kipwe, Namibia
10-Jun-2012 review: This is the review of Mowani Mountain Lodge
Anderssons Camp, Namibia (this camp has since closed)
12-Jun-2012 review: Nice Tent camp
Mushara Lodge, Namibia
14-Jun-2012 review: Mushara Lodge review
Nhoma Camp, Namibia
16-Jun-2012 review: Nhoma Camp review
Okonjima Bush Suite, Namibia
19-Jun-2012 review: Okonjima Bush Suite review