Travel reviews

Travel reviews by Mr & Mrs W from Wokingham

Best holiday we have ever had

On this trip, I visited Rwanda between 30-Jun-2012 and 12-Jul-2012 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


The trip was amazing. It was the combination of the history, the culture and the wildlife that made it all so special. Our driver Sam was very good and answered all our questions and was very helpful in taking us to the places we especially wanted to see that weren't necessarily on our itinerary.

The genocide memorial in Kigali was exceptionally powerful and thought provoking and we would advise anybody travelling to Rwanda to visit there, preferably at the start of your trip because then it is even more incredible to appreciate how far the country has come when you see people working together so harmoniously in the fields and villages.

The wildlife is amazing, the views are beautiful and the people so friendly

We would definitely recommend doing two gorilla treks because you get two very different experiences. Our first trek the gorillas were eating and then on the move through the bamboo. Our second trek we arrived during "social hour" so the youngsters were all playing. Grit your teeth and pay the price it is so worth it.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Hotel des Mille Collines, Rwanda
1-Jul-2012 review: Disappointing
Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel, Rwanda
2-Jul-2012 review: Charming but idiosyncratic
Moriah Hill Resort, Rwanda
5-Jul-2012 review: Not 4*
Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Rwanda
7-Jul-2012 review: Lacked charm but great location